Dispatch - Adult Swim has a 24/7 Live stream and things get weird

Adult Swim Live Stream a Wonderfully Weird World. And There's Fish.

So, if you're like me, you likely didn't learn until recently that Adult Swim (yes, the cable channel that brought you midnight anime and edgy cartoons before everyone was doing it) has a free-to-watch 24/7 live stream. Yes, they were bringing us quarantine content long before the quarantine. And yes, it is very quirky. They […]

Rocky Balboa Poster

"Rocky Balboa" is the Rocky Film Sylvester Stallone is Most Proud Of

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone has joined other stars in doing live q&a's on Instagram while we are all holed up at home. In a recent one on his personal account, Stallone was asked which of the Rocky films he was most proud of. The first Rocky film is his best film he said, but as […]

"Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX" Releasing in March

"Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX" Releasing in March

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX made its debut during Nintendo's Pokémon Direct on Thursday morning. It's set to officially release this March, though you can check out the demo later today. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX—Announcement Trailer ( Developing…

50 states of fear

"50 States of Fright": Sam Raimi Brings Cross-Country Horror to Quibi

This Supernatural fan is so game for Quibi's new horror anthology series! Sam Raimi will produce 50 States of Fright for the mobile-only network. Each short chapters focuses on any given state's urban legend and folklore. Considering the loads of spooky stories sprawling across this great country – as fans of the supernatural and horror genre know […]

the loudest voice

"The Loudest Voice": In "1995," Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch Join Forces [PREVIEW]

This Sunday, Showtime viewers will witness the birth of FOX News (we’ll leave it to the viewer to determine if that’s a blessing or a curse) and the fall of Roger Ailes (Russell Crowe) when the cable network premieres its seven-part limited series The Loudest Voice Based on Gabriel Sherman’s bestselling book The Loudest Voice in the[...]

"Dune" Casting, Feyd Harkonnen Spotted on IMDb, Vanishes

"Dune" Casting of Feyd Harkonnen Spotted on IMDb, then Vanishes

As the cast continues to fill out for the 2020 reboot of Frank Herbert's Dune, one of the sharp-eyed readers of DuneFan2020 twitter account noticed that none other than Ready Player One star Tye Sherian had appeared credited to play the part of Feyd Rautha Harkonnen. Fans of the 1984 David Lynch version of the […]

Luke Perry, Star of '90210' and 'Riverdale', Dies at 52

Following a massive stroke last week, Luke Perry, tragically succumbed on Monday morning. Luke  had risen to fame as teen heartthrob Dylan McKay on the early Fox series Beverly Hills, 90210, but had gained a recent following on the CW series, Riverdale. Reps for Luke had expressed that medical staff at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, had […]


Star of FOX's 'Rent' Injured Just Before Live Show

Fox just discovered another of the challenges in producing live versions of famous musicals. One of the stars of this evening's broadcast of Rent Live, Brennin Hunt, seriously injured his ankle during a dress rehearsal on Saturday. Unfortunately, Hunt isn't a minor role, as he's been slated to play Roger Davis (whose character was played in […]

Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool is Working on a Redesign and We Want Your Input

It's almost 2019, and the Bleeding Cool technical team are hard at work at developing a new site design for the new year. Our current skin has been in place for two years and it's time that we come up with a new one that helps smooth out the mobile as well as laptop experience […]


Timeless: Revisit 11 Clockblocker-Approved Moments Before 'The Miracle of Christmas'

Her father is the first one to break the news Preview images from the movie reveal that he will return, which makes this confrontation even more important. in the season, Carol drops an even bigger bomb about Rittenhouse and Lucy's destined role. blatantly manipulates lives to achieve self-serving results[...]

Trump White House Will Not Seek to Revoke CNN/Jim Acosta Press Access

During his explanation of his decision, Judge Kelly stated that he believes CNN and Acosta are likely to win their lawsuit.CNN's official response to the judge's decision: CNN and Acosta's request for a temporary restraining order as part of their lawsuit against President Donald Trump and The White House's revoking of the correspondent's "hard pass" press credentials was[...]

Fox News, More Support CNN in Trump/Acosta Lawsuit; White House Submits Brief (UPDATE)

***UPDATE*** Thirteen news groups/organizations have signed on to the following statement in support of CNN, including: The Associated Press, Bloomberg, Fox News, The Washington Post, First Look Media Works, Inc., Gannett, National Press Club Journalism Institute, NBC News, The New York Times, Politico, Press Freedom Defense Fund, E.W Scripps Company, and USA Today Network: "Whether the news of[...]

Breaking News Graphic By Natanael Ginting Thomas Fire

[UPDATE] Multiple Fatalities as Shooting Erupts at Madden 19 Tournament — NBC News (@NBCNews) August 26, 2018Update 26 Aug @ 2:59 p.m.:News4Jax is reporting an update to the victims report now stating that there are 15 injured and four dead.Update 26 Aug @ 2:47 p.m.:News4Jax is reporting four dead out of a total of 10 victims (meaning that six were wounded) It's unclear if[...]


MoviePass Is About to Die – Why No One Will Help Them

Now in the latest events: Lowe has called his employees together for an all-hands meeting to give more gloomy news.Business Insider today wrote: During an all-hands meeting on Monday, MoviePass Lowe said their app would not make Christopher Robin and The Meg — the two major releases hitting theaters in the next two weeks — available to its[...]

Susan Sarandon

WomenDisobey: Susan Sarandon Arrested Along with 575 Others at Protest

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon was arrested along with 575 others at the #WomenDisobey protest at Capitol Hill. This, of course, is not her first time at a protest, as the actress has always been very outspoken in regards to politics and causes important to her. The group was gathered at the Hart Office Building wrapped in foil […]