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Rogue Squadron Removed From The Schedule, More Dates Shift

The D23 Expo is just behind us, so it's time for a massive release date update from the House of Mouse. Disney made a ton of announcements, showed off a ton of footage, and pumped up a lot of releases for both streaming and theatrical for the next couple of years. When it comes to theatrical, there was one movie that didn't get a mention and one franchise that the studio remains silent on, and that is Star Wars. We haven't had a theatrically released Star Wars movie since The Rise of Skywalker, and if the D23 Expo presentation was anything to go by, Lucasfilm is looking to keep Star Wars on streaming for now. There are a lot of movies in development, but nothing that seems to be far enough along to merit talking about in any real capacity. We thought that maybe Lucasfilm would mention Rogue Squadron, remove it from the schedule and talk about where Star Wars is going next on the big screen at D23 Expo, but that turned out not to be the case. In an email sent out to the press today, Disney revealed that Rogue Squadron has officially been removed from its December 22, 2023 release date.

Rogue Squadron Logo. Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney
Rogue Squadron Logo. Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

There wasn't any way for the movie to make that date unless they started production tomorrow, so it isn't surprising that Rogue Squadron has been pulled, which is something people have been expecting since 2021. That wasn't the only shift we got. Haunted Mansion moved from March 10, 2023, to August 11, 2023. Meanwhile, Wish from Disney Animation officially snagged the November 22, 2023 release date, Elio from Pixar has March 1, 2024, Snow White has March 22, 2024, Inside Out 2 is June 14, 2024, and Mufasa: The Lion King has a prime time July 5, 2024 release date. There were also a few other shifts shift as an untitled Disney live-action movie being removed from August 11, 2023 spot on the schedule, an Untitled Marvel Movie movie from February 16, 2024, to September 6, 2024, and Next Goal Wins from Searchlight has an April 21, 2023 release date.

When it comes to big places where Disney could make announcements, they are pretty much done until spring of next year with Star Wars Celebration. So anyone looking for more information on what happened with Rogue Squadron or what the future of Star Wars on the big screen could be sitting on their hands for a little while. That is unless Disney decides to do some sort of virtual event at the end of the year, but that isn't likely. Here is a nice list of all of the release date changes:

  • HAUNTED MANSION (Disney) previously dated on 3/10/23 moves to 8/11/23
  • UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION (Disney) previously dated on 8/11/23 is removed from schedule
  • NEXT GOAL WINS (Searchlight) is now dated on 4/21/23
  • WISH (Disney) is the updated title of previous UNTITLED DISNEY ANIMATION dated on 11/22/23
  • ROGUE SQUADRON (Disney) previously dated on 12/22/23 is removed from schedule
  • UNTITLED MARVEL (Disney) previously dated on 2/16/24 moves to 9/6/24
  • ELIO (Disney) is the updated title of previous UNTITLED PIXAR dated on 3/1/24
  • DISNEY'S SNOW WHITE (Disney) is the updated title of previous UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION dated on 3/22/24
  • INSIDE OUT 2 (Disney) is the updated title of previous UNTITLED PIXAR dated on 6/14/24
  • MUFASA: THE LION KING (Disney) is the updated title of previous UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION dated on 7/5/24

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