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Patty Jenkins Left Thor: The Dark World to Avoid Director Jail
That is good news for fans of Wonder Woman, but it was a little concerning because earlier that same month, Lucasfilm announced that Jenkins was going to direct Rogue Squadron, and that movie has a Christmas 2023 release date Then we all collectively remembered that Jenkins and Gadot are both on board for Cleopatra, which[...]
Rogue Squadron Logo. Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney
So when Kennedy announced that Jenkins was directing Rogue Squadron for Lucasfilm, people were pretty pumped. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron – Official Teaser (Directed by Patty Jenkins) ( At the time, Jenkins confirmed to IGN that Rogue Squadron would draw inspiration from the games and the books. "[In the Star Wars:[...]
Patty Jenkins to Direct a New Star Wars Movie called Rogue Squadron
One of the biggest surprises of the Disney investors call on December 10 was the reveal of Patty Jenkins' latest project in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, the first film of the franchise following the Skywalker saga As the video had the director build up what she did, the reveal came as she had a Rebel[...]
Patty Jenkins to Direct a New Star Wars Movie called Rogue Squadron
While we don't have any updates on the Rian Johnson trilogy, we did get a minor update on the film that Taika Waititi is making, and we found out who is going to direct a new Star Wars movie; the one and only Patty Jenkins and it's going to be called Rogue Squadron Jenkins shared[...]
Factor 5 Would Like To See Rogue Squadron Release On The Nintendo Switch
Star Wars Rogue Leaders: Rogue Squadron was never released on the Wii, but that doesn't mean the game is gone and forgotten In deed, Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht went on the record with IGN about how he'd be thrilled to see the game come to the Nintendo Switch. The original game was comprised of modified versions of[...]