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Phoebe Waller-Bridge "Really Excited" to Write Dialog for James Bond in 'Bond 25'
The movie was first announced when Lucasfilm was first purchased by Disney in 2012 and was part of the 1-2 punch of getting Harrison Ford back into some familiar costumes However, the project has been nothing but problems ever since and even lost director Steven Speilberg in February 2020 However, the Disney machine kept on turning, and[...]
star wars
With the series set to debut this May, Disney+ is offering viewers a better look at the elite and experimental clones unit with the release of not only the official trailer for the series but also (as you've probably already seen below) the official key art poster. Image: Lucasfilm Here's a look at the new official trailer[...]
obi-wan kenobi
Earlier this month, we reported on some production rumblings going on around Lucasfilm and Disney+'s upcoming Ewan McGregor-starring Obi-Wan Kenobi– specifically, that McGregor was getting jacked to start filming This morning, things were made a whole lot more official with official news that production on the "Star Wars' universe special event series will begin soon[...]
Lando Calrissian Is Now Officially Pansexual
The Marvel Star Wars comics are considered official canon by Lucasfilm, and lots of effort goes into making the canon, canon. So when Marvel Comics added Lando Calrissian to the LGBTQ+ Marvel Pride covers, approved by LucasFilm, that is as official canon as anything else And may indicate a certain direction for the upcoming Lando TV[...]
Hasbro Celebrates Star Wars With Carnor Jax and Luke Comic Figures
Hasbro is celebrating 50 years of Lucasfilm by revisiting fan-favorite Star Wars comic books from the past Many of these series are not listed as Legends, but Star Wars fans still treasure many of the iconic stories to this day We have already seen two figures arrive with Carnor Jax and Luke Skywalker and how[...]
Hasbro Celebrates Star Wars With Carnor Jax and Luke Comic Figures
This year marks the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm, and no better way than to revisit Star Wars throughout the years After the franchise went to Disney, a lot of the previous comics, books, and games were all classified as Legends These stories still exist but are not considered canon anymore, which is sad since some[...]
Indiana Jones Comes To 4K Blu-ray On June 8th
Check out the cover and features list below. Indiana Jones 4K Collection No Tired Jokes About The Forth Indiana Jones Films Please "Relive the unforgettable exploits of world-renowned, globetrotting hero Indiana Jones in spectacular 4K Ultra HD when the INDIANA JONES 4-MOVIE COLLECTION arrives in a new 4K Ultra HD set June 8, 2021, from Lucasfilm Ltd[...]
While production continues on Disney+ and Lucasfilm's upcoming live-action follow-up to the 1988 fantasy film Willow, Deadline Hollywood is reporting exclusively that Ruby Cruz (Castle Rock) has been tapped for the female co-lead role of Kit After what was referred to as an "extensive recasting process," Cruz was hired to replace Cailee Spaeny, who was originally[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch premieres in 2021 (Image: Disney+)
"While The Clone Wars may have come to its conclusion, our partnership with the groundbreaking storytellers and artists at Lucasfilm Animation is only beginning We are thrilled to bring Dave Filoni's vision to life through the next adventures of the Bad Batch." Star Wars: The Bad Batch follows the elite and experimental clones of the Bad[...]
In April, Joby Harold (Army of the Dead) was tapped to replace Hossein Amini (Drive) after reports surfaced that Lucasfilm president and Obi-Wan producer Kathleen Kennedy was dissatisfied with Amini's scripts Allegedly, Kennedy was concerned that having the lead character serve as a mentor to a young Luke and/or Leia skewed too close to The Mandalorian-The Child[...]
Star Wars Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Figures Debut From Hasbro
Three iconic original trilogy characters are back as Hasbro celebrates Lucasfilm's 50th Anniversary These figures are coming out of their widely popular Black Series with a touch of retro as they also pay tribute to the original Kenner figures While each of these figures has had recent releases, these figures feature retro deco and details[...]
Rogue One: Felicity Jones Reflects Shooting Grim Star Wars Ending
Image courtesy of Lucasfilm The scene in question saw the final two surviving members of the band of rebels in Jyn Erso (Jones) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) having just completed their mission transmitting the plans to the Death Star to the awaiting Rebel fleet above the planet surface, in an embrace beachside as they prepare[...]
Rogue Squadron Logo. Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney
So when Kennedy announced that Jenkins was directing Rogue Squadron for Lucasfilm, people were pretty pumped. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron – Official Teaser (Directed by Patty Jenkins) ( At the time, Jenkins confirmed to IGN that Rogue Squadron would draw inspiration from the games and the books. "[In the Star Wars:[...]
Patty Jenkins to Direct a New Star Wars Movie called Rogue Squadron
Jenkins spoke with Collider about where the project sits currently, along with her other major film project in Cleopatra with Gal Gadot following the imminent release of DC's Wonder Woman 1984, in which she also stars as the title character. Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Writing Details When it came to who's writing the script, Jenkins teased,[...]