Se7en Screenwriter Signs On To Justin Lin's 'Lone Wolf And Cub' Movie At Paramount

The long-in-development Lone Wolf and Cub movie is finally making some progress. First announced as under development by Justin Lin back in 2012, the movie has been picked up by Paramount, and a screenwriter is now attached. According to a report from THR, Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker has signed on to write the script.

Of course, this leaves us with lots of questions, most importantly:

But also, when can we expect this film to hit theaters, and who will star in it? All of these questions, unfortunately, remain unanswered for now. What we do know is that in addition to producing along with Marissa McMahon (wife of WWE's Shane McMahon), Lin is also expected to direct.

Originally created by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima as a manga series, Lone Wolf and Cub tells the story of a Shogun's executioner who sets out on a quest for revenge with is infant son after the rest of his family is murdered. The comic has been adapted as six Japanese films (and an English compilation, Shogun Assassin, heavily featured as sound clips on the awesome rap album Liquid Swords by GZA and cameoing in Kill Bill Vol. 2). It's also seen two anime series, several TV movies, and even a video game.

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