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Attack On Titan Creator Declares He's in the Final 5% Stretch
The final two volumes of Lone Wolf and Cub were devoted to a single, final duel between Ogami Itto and Yagyu Retsudo that never let up It was possibly the longest fight scene in the history of comics It also achieved a sense of epic, tragic grandeur that novels and cinema often strive for More[...]
Why is HBO Max Hiding Its  Criterion Movie Selection?
It has all original six Lone Wolf and Cub movies, the two Lady Snowblood movies The Sixties Godzilla movies are here This is just a small selection of what's on HBO Max To go through what's here would give you a significant education in Film, give you a fuller picture of the sheer scope of[...]
Lone Wolf and Cub Creator Kazuo Koike has Passed Away
Kazuo Koike, the creator of Lone Wolf and Cub (along with artist Goseki Kojima) and one of the most prolific creators of manga, has died His official Twitter account and various news outlets reported that Koike, 82, was hospitalized for pneumonia and passed away on Wednesday. Koike is the creator of Lone Wolf and Cub and[...]
Lone Wolf And Cub
The long-in-development Lone Wolf and Cub movie is finally making some progress First announced as under development by Justin Lin back in 2012, the movie has been picked up by Paramount, and a screenwriter is now attached According to a report from THR, Se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker has signed on to write the script. Of[...]
Paul Pope Covered Lone Wolf And Cub Criterion Blu-Ray Box Set Wandering To The UK
Based on the best-selling manga series, the six intensely kinetic Lone Wolf and Cub films elevated chanbara to bloody, new heights The shogun's executioner, Itto Ogami (Tomisaburo Wakayama), takes to wandering the countryside as an assassin-along with his infant son Daigoro (Akihiro Tomikawa) and an infinitely weaponised perambulator-helping those he encounters while seeking vengeance for[...]
NYCC '15: Dark Horse Announces New Lone Wolf And Cub, And Mariko Tamaki On Tomb Raider
At the Dark Horse Creators: Crafting the Original Story panel, Dark Horse announced a new Lone Wolf and Cub in 2016 in January, from Eric Heisserer, and Mighel Sepulveda. They also announced Mariko Tamaki on Tomb Raider in February 2016. Earlier in the week, the Sin City Curator's Collection was announced, and Steve Sunu clarified that it[...]
New Lone Wolf And Cub: A Classic Continues – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
The first volume of the official sequel to Lone Wolf and Cub has finally come out in English. The original series is something you probably know by now: a samurai wanders feudal Japan with his young son earning his keep as an assassin-for-hire while waging war against the Yagyu clan, the real power behind the Shoganate[...]
No Manga Is Safe: Justin Lin Attached to Big Screen Adaptation Of Lone Wolf and Cub
Deadline reports Kamala Films have acquired the rights to 1970s Kazuo Koike-created Lone Wolf and Cub, and hired screenwriters David and Janet Peoples to adapt, and eventually Justin Lin to direct The iconic manga centers around Ogami Itto, a top executioner working for the shogun in feudal Japan, whose rivals murder his wife and frame[...]