See: Deadpool Making Out With Spider-Man At Last Night's Golden Globes


Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds may have lost to La La Land star and fellow Ryan, Ryan Gosling, at the Golden Globes last night, but he won our hearts. He also appears to have won the heart of former Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield, as the two were spotted sharing a passionate kiss as Gosling took the stage.

Reynolds has recently expressed interest in Deadpool having a same-sex relationship in a future film, but, sadly, that isn't likely to be Spider-Man. The webslinger's movie rights are owned by Sony, and the movies are made in conjunction with Marvel. Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter, however, still holds a grudge against Fox for purchasing the movie rights to the X-Men (including Deadpool) and the Fantastic Four back when Marvel was having financial troubles. Then again, Perlmutter is expected to join the Trump administration according to recent reports, so perhaps he'll step back from Marvel, the relationship can be repaired with Fox, and Spidey-pool shipping fans can finally get the romance they've always wanted. Until then, this is the best live action Deadpool/Spider-Man makeout session anyone is going to get.

Garfield's ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone also won a Golden Globe for La La Land last night, and she and Gosling commented on the kiss in an interview with Entertainment Tonight after the event:

A Golden Globe, or a full-on tongue kiss from Ryan Reynolds and/or Andrew Garfield? We'll take the kiss, thanks.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool commenter Know-it-all McSmartypants has corrected us on the lineage of the Deadpool movie rights, noting:

Deadpool's rights were not included in the X-Men license. They were purchased separately from another studio that failed to develop the property.

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