Our Favorite Moments From the Cloverfield Franchise (So Far)

When Cloverfield debuted in 2008 as a found footage creature feature, many didn't know what to expect yet found themselves intrigued by the mystery surrounding the premise. With a very detailed ARG campaign and made by an insanely talented creative team (J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves) moviegoers were drawn to the unique concept and couldn't have been more impressed.

Our Favorite Moments From the Cloverfield Franchise (So Far)

Many began begging for more of the Cloverfield story, and after years of silence, it became established that it would branch out into something known as the Cloververse. The Cloververse is comprised of three films, (Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Cloverfield Paradox) that each tells an isolated story but ties them together with similar concepts and small crossover material scattered for fans to analyze.

When Cloverfield Paradox was released on Netflix, the film managed to bridge the events of the first two movies together with something that could quite possibly explain events leading up to each narrative. While we aren't sure when we will be granted another Cloverfield film (Abrams has expressed a true follow-up to the first) we are still very much wondering what future Cloververse films could provide, so, for now, we'll just break down our favorite inclusions from the franchise.

Best film of all three: Cloverfield

Each movie really felt like it told such a memorable and unique story that maintained a sense of individuality, but none better than Cloverfield. While character arcs and pacing might have triumphed more often in the other two films, without the original there wouldn't be an expansive universe. Cloverfield managed to bring horror to the genre with the found footage aspect in addition to the suspense and intelligent decision to showcase just enough. The film leaves you wondering the outcome all the way through, and by the time it ends we're even more curious about where they could take things. If we are given the true sequel as mentioned earlier, there's plenty of opportunity for more of Clover and we would love to see the world post-monster attacks.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Our Favorite Moments From the Cloverfield Franchise (So Far)

In the second film 10 Cloverfield Lane, Mary Elizabeth Winstead takes the lead role as someone who finds themselves locked in a bunker with an insane John Goodman. Throughout the film, we are made to question if he's being honest with Winstead's character which builds paranoia as one of the more gripping inclusions in the film. Winstead gives a remarkable performance in the film, making her a smart and witty protagonist with a strong will to survive. Her delivery in the final act is something entirely impressive, and the concept of seeing her combat the alien foes introduced in the film would be a great way to expand her story and the world filled with creatures, unlike the first film.

The revelation of Cloverfield Paradox

Our Favorite Moments From the Cloverfield Franchise (So Far)

While Cloverfield Paradox is still a great movie on its own (despite what some critics might say) it does something that we hadn't expected and showcases the spark that caused everything to begin with. In the climax of the film, we learn that the particle accelerator that was used in space triggered rifts in various realities. This meant aliens from 10 Cloverfield Lane, Clover from Cloverfield and other possible alterations that blended different timelines into utter chaos. The film's final moments even reveals a giant-sized clover that towers over the clouds unlike baby Clover in the first film and is the first true attempt to make each film fit into a larger story.

What were some of your favorite pieces of the Cloverfield film series?

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