These Statistics From The Evolve Beta Show A Fine Balancing Act By Turtle Rock

evolve-11_0I played the Evolve Beta quite a bit last week when it was live. Turtle Rock are doing a good job of learning the right balance for the game to make sure it's a challenge for both the monster and the hunters.

That is reflected in these stats the developer shared with IGN. Surprisingly, they show that the hunters won more matches than the monster which certainly wasn't the case in my playthroughs. I suppose it's possible, I'm just not that great at the game.

Here is the breakdown:

RVSDEVOLVE_BETAINFO_V5Evolve's design director Chris Ashton talked about how the beta will help the balancing even further.

These numbers allowed us to recognize all these trends. And when we turned certain knobs, it showed us a reaction. We had four years to turn knobs the wrong way, only to come back and normalize things.

It was also mentioned that the Wraith is going to get some stats nerfed. That is music to my ears as that thing was impossibly strong whenever I played it.

As stated though, I'm probably just not very good at Evolve.