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2K Games Will Shut Down Evolve's Dedicated Servers This Fall

Some sad news for those of you who have still been enjoying Evolve from 2K Games, as the company announced they would start to shut down their dedicated servers to the game with everything being completely shut down by September. The company posted an official announcement about the decision, along with a timeline of when […]

Joey Styles Cleanses Twitter Even As Some Wrestling Veterans Come To His Defense

Earlier this week, we told you about former ECW announcer Joey Styles and his firing from three different wrestling organizations in the wake of controversial comments he made at pro wrestling event Evolve 72. Referencing comments made by President Elect Donald Trump in a leaked tape prior to the election, Styles told ring announcer Joanna Rose, […]

Joey Styles Fired From Two More Wrestling Promotions For Rape Joke At Evolve 72

Yesterday, we told you about former ECW announcer Joey Styles, who was fired from his job with pro wrestling organization Evolve after telling ring announcer Joanna Rose: "Joanna, you look great tonight. And if our next President were here tonight, he'd want to grab you by the…" Those comments may not have stopped Donald Trump from […]

Oh My God! ECW Announcer Joey Styles Fired From EVOLVE For Trump-like Comments

From 1993 to 2001, Joey Styles was the voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling, with his trademark shout of "Oh my god!" whenever the company's hardcore wrestlers performed a particularly nasty piece of violence. But today, it's Styles' own Extreme comments that have thrust the 45-year-old wrestling legend back into the spotlight. At pro wrestling organization […]

Evolve Has Seen A Million New Players Since Going Free To Play

Evolve is clearly in some kind of renaissance at the moment,  as the decision to go free to Play appears to be really paying off. The game has already nearly doubled its concurrent record that it held since launch and now Turtle Rock have given us another figure. From the game's Twitter account, it has […]

Evolve Has Seen A Huge Bump In Players Since Going Free-To-Play

I liked Evolve quite a bit when it came out last year, but it sadly never quite caught on as it could have done. Thanks to a really long hype cycle and DLC shenanigans, it's release ended up being pretty muted. Thanks to the developer's choice to bring the game to a free-to-play model, it […]

There's A New Monster Coming To Evolve Tomorrow

Evolve has been out of my consciousness for a long while now. The game had a short tail after its release, but I certainly enjoyed the time I had with it. The game has been slowly building up its roster in the quiet though. There is a whole host of extra hunters in the game […]

Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year Selection: #35-#18

One of my great pleasures in doing a lot of my game's writing is playing as many games as possible and handing out awards at the end of the year. Game of the Year is something I look forward to immensely, allowing me to look back on the last 12 months of games and really […]

Evolve And All Of Its Content Will Be Free This Weekend On Xbox One And PC

I enjoyed Evolve quite a bit when it came out earlier this year. Hunters fighting an ever growing monster threat is a great idea, and can make for some great matches. The title has struggled with player retention though, and now, it seems that no one is really talking about the game. Well, in a […]

Evolve Gets New Monster And Hunters Today

This is just a reminder for you guys. If you are out still enjoying Evolve like me, it may not be lost on you that a new monster and four hunters are joining the hunt today. If you didn't know that…well, it's happening. The Behemoth, a gigantic lava-rock monster, is now available to those who […]

Check Out Evolve's Behemoth And New Hunters In Action

Last week, I shared Evolve's four new hunters with you. They looked pretty neat and I'll probably go in and have a peak at what they offer the experience when they launch in a few days. Today, you can get your first look at them in action against the Behemoth. There seems to be a […]

Check Out The Four New Hunters From Evolve's DLC

As some predicted, it seems Evolve has somewhat faded into the background of late. I think that is a real shame since the game has a ton of cool ideas and is a lot of fun to play. Perhaps this new DLC will breathe some life back into the game. On March 31st, a new monster, […]

PSA: Grab Your Gold Monster Skins By Playing Evolve By Sunday

Just a quick note for you Evolve players out there. If you log on and play a match this weekend, you'll be delivered Golden skins for the Goliath, Kraken and Wraith on March 14th. The skin was only previously available to Turtle Rock Studios' developers, but in a blog post it was announced that it […]

Evolve Stats Show The Game's Fine Balance Over Nearly 6 Million Matches

I'm still enjoying Evolve, and that's great news. I was worried I'd be done with it after a few days, but I'm enjoying dropping into Shear when I find the time. It seems that there are quite a few others enjoying their time with it too. Turtle Rock Studios released an infographic highlighting a whole […]

Evolve Review – Monster (S)Layers

  The evolution, no pun intended, of Evolve's public perception has been fascinating. When the game was first announced, there was genuine enthusiasm for the title. The guys who made Left 4 Dead were going to be bringing a really cool concept of an asymmetrical monster hunting game? What's not to love? Well, it turned […]

Sweet Release! The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, Evolve, Castle In The Darkness, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back to Sweet Release! Bleeding Cool's weekly check in with the new video games on literal and digital store shelves.  This week's calendar is definitely aiming for niche audiences with the two biggest releases being rather polarizing.  One title is a modern day classic with a huge fan base, the other is a spiritual successor to a last generation success story […]

This New Evolve Trailer Is A Frantic Trip Through The Game's Marketing

Evolve is out today and to celebrate, 2K Games have put out this launch trailer for the title. It's an odd one as it seems to be a bit of a Frankenstein's monster of previous promotional material. I've seen all this content before, just in their own individual spots. It's pretty frantic, but be sure […]