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Back 4 Blood interview
WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios are on the verge of releasing Back 4 Blood, as the game is set to be released for PC and console on October 12th Ahead of the game's release, we got a chance to chat with a couple of people involved with the project, as we chatted with the[...]
WB Games Reveals Back 4 Blood With A New Trailer
WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios revealed a new trailer for Back 4 Blood as the game will open a new beta testing period next month The latest trailer shows off how the game will look and play on PC as you're given the tour of this zombie-filled land Meanwhile, we now know the Open[...]
Back 4 Blood Latest Trailer Shows Off The Cleaners
WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios released a new trailer for Back 4 Blood, introducing all of The Cleaners in the game The trailer gives a bit of a personal touch to all the characters in the game as you'll be deciding who to take into combat depending on the situation The trailer also shows[...]
WB Games Reveals Back 4 Blood With A New Trailer
Being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the game appears to be a four-player co-op survival shooter in which you are basically stuck in a zombie apocalypse, forced to rely on each other to now only survive but take out every undead walking monstrosity you see in order to continue living The fun little twist to[...]
'Lost' Left 4 Dead Episode Has Just Been Released By Developer
Turtle Rock Studios, who developed the first game with Valve, have put out an episode that has never been released called 'Dam it' It bridges the gap between the "Dead Air" to "Blood Harvest" episodes and also provides two survival maps too You can download it from here. It's said that you can complete the episode[...]
Evolve Gets New Monster And Hunters Today
You can buy each one as you like or buy the Hunter pack to get them all. To celebrate Turtle Rock Studios have released this trailer to show you all of them in action. [youtube]https://youtu.be/UM3XEoiHH1I[/youtube] This is just a reminder for you guys. If you are out still enjoying Evolve like me, it may not be lost on[...]
PSA: Grab Your Gold Monster Skins By Playing Evolve By Sunday
The skin was only previously available to Turtle Rock Studios' developers, but in a blog post it was announced that it would be given to any and all players this weekend. The offer is live now and ends 9:00 PM PST March 8 so get your games in before then. After the DLC fiasco before the game came[...]
Evolve Stats Show The Game's Fine Balance Over Nearly 6 Million Matches
Turtle Rock Studios released an infographic highlighting a whole multitude of stats and it's encouraging reading It shows that nearly 6 million games have already been played since the title's launch just over a week ago, while also revealing the fine balance that the developer has struck between Hunter and Monster as their win rates[...]