Suddenly National City Has A Lot Of Aliens

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I think last night's episode of Supergirl was all about fighting, learning when not to fight and not setting expectations for others. Or maybe I watched an afternoon special instead. The episode expanded on the introduction of M'gann M'orzz / Miss Martian and we see how she and J'onn J'onzz get along… or not get along. J'onn tried to move in and do the Martian meld right away, which seemed can of early in their relationship from my point of view.

There is also the fact that Mon-El has superpowers but they have to figure out exactly what he can do. Something so important was of course given to Winn Schott to handle… since he's been there like a day. Mon-El spends the episode trying to get someone to let him out of the DEO to have some fun and of course, Winn is the one to fall for it. Though it did lead to an almost sit-com level set up as the two go drinking… the end results weren't that bad and led to a few funny moments.

The Maggie Sawyer / Alex Danvers dynamic is being played up as the two work together after an alien body is found with evidence he was killed by another alien. Their investigation brings them to an underground alien fight club run by Roulette. There was an awkward moment when Alex offered to by Maggie a drink, but she had to beg off because her girlfriend showed up.

And is it just me, or does National City suddenly have way more aliens than it ever seemed in season one? They talked about the prisoner ship, but I don't remember them acting like there was a whole community of aliens.

Supergirl and Martian Manhunter end up having to fight in the arena against Draaga and Miss Martian respectively. Kara is able to defeat the alien warrior thanks to some knowledge she got from Mon-El and J'onn was able to get through to M'gann. This all leads to Kara learning she needs to give hope to the aliens on the planet as well as the humans and she needs to help guide Mon-El, having him released into her custody. J'onn learns that he can't make M'gann be what he wants her to be… but will still be there for her. And Mon-El learned that he wasn't told to stay at the DEO for his safety, but for everyone else's. Oh and Winn learned he doesn't do hungover well.

The episode ended with M'gann's secret being revealed to the audience… that she is actually a White Martian and not a Green Martian like J'onn. I'm sure this won't be a big issue in the future. We also had moments with Lena Luthor seemingly collecting favors from Kara… another thing I'm sure won't blow up in Kara's face. But she did impress Snapper Carr with a story using the same skilled journalistic technique Clark Kent uses… interview their alter ego for a scoop. That kind of seems cheating to me.

Next week Mon-El goes out into the world and James Olsen gets closer to becoming Guardian.

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