The Great Star Wars Rebels Swindle Of 2016


There is an animated television show called Star Wars Rebels from Disney/Lucasfilm. I thought I'd start with the basics here.

Back when Star Wars Rebels season 2 was released for purchase, fans could buy it online at Amazon for $27.00 for the entire season pass.

Everything was fine until about a week ago.

At which point, Disney suddenly decided to split the season in two, making everyone pay twice if they now wanted to get the entire season. Despite having, you know, already paid for it.

It then listed the second half of season 2 as season 3.

Everyone was aware that it's not season 3 of Rebels. They were just calling it season 3 and charging the full price all over again.

To calm fans down, Disney dropped the price of each "season" from from $27 to $19.99. But that didn't quell complaints because everyone wants what they paid for.

So then they renamed the seasons to say "volume" 2 and 3 instead.

People were still enraged, so now they put a little text box below that says season 2 part 1 and part 2.

All of these revisions were made in the past week. So the people that paid back in October are getting still not getting what they paid for.

The number of negative reviews on Amazon is staggering. And also hilarious. With 92% now giving one star.

I was shocked as everyone else here that paid for a full season two and we are now being ripped off by this false season 3 which is really still season 2. I also checked with Apple iTunes store and it is the same thing there with them charging for season 3 and not giving a full season 2 episodes so it looks like this is a greedy Disney decision that has gone the way of the Trade Federation. Everyone should avoid buying any further seasons of Star Wars Rebels to send a message back to Disney that this is not acceptable and we will not tolerate being ripped off!!!

Like that one.

Just remember this when you go to see Star Wars Episode 8. An hour in, the film may just stop and everyone will be asked to pay again to see what will now be called Episode 9, then changed to Episode 8 1/2 when everyone starts screaming….

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