Why 'Everything Goes With John Barrowman' Won San Diego Comic Con

By Ale Bodden

They say John Barrowman would host the opening of an envelope… well, I would watch him host the peeling of a banana without a doubt. There is no one who got on that stage (or any for that matter) that stole my whole attention the way Barrowman did. From moment one he came off with an unmatchable energy that made the whole ballroom light up and feel at ease no matter how uncomfortable the subjects might have been to some parents. The panel consisted of just him walking, running, dancing, jumping, and strolling across the stage answering questions and telling us some stories and experiences he has been through. Just seconds after coming out he had the room roaring with laughter and a stampede rushed to the microphone to line up for questions.

First thing's first: No more Torchwood or Doctor Who in Barrowman's foreseeable future. He answered that he has not been approached for anything at the moment, but, even if he had been, it would be nearly impossible due to scheduling conflicts and all he has going on at the moment. Yet, after being asked if we will be seeing more of Captain Jack he replied "no one knows what the future holds". However, his excitement for Arrow was palpable as he talked about reading the script for the next season; which he described as wonderful. He shared with us that he is planning on making a small musical with the cast of Arrow for Christmas, making the crowd go crazy by just imagining how awesome it would be.

He also talked about the book series he is co-authoring with his sister, Carole E. Barrowman, Hollow Earth. He mentioned they have been commissioned to do four more novels after the third installment comes out- so exciting, we cannot wait! Also, he is in the talks to see if they can turn the book into a graphic novel… And so we all hope.

Every so often while answering a fan question Barrowman would go on a tangent, quite funny every time. Subjects ranged from stories of an unfortunate bowel movement on a long trip, to Superheroes costume fetish and a Wonder Woman costume, to having a Dalek that compliments every passerby's behind, to having met Benedict Cumberbatch a little before the panel and fawning over it with all of us—everything went with Barrowman, and perfectly. It was the one panel that kept me laughing from beginning to end.


[Barrowman on a chair recounting the bowel movement story.]

After being asked if there is a Doctor he favors over another Barrowman admitted that, after knowing the Doctor for a very long time and traveling with one, David Tennant is his favorite… Not quite picking a Doctor, we know what you did there, Barrowman! Nevertheless, the last fan question took the cake; picking between Doctors 9 (Chris Eccleston), 10 (David Tennant), and 11 (Matt Smith) who would he kill, who would he marry, and who would he shag—after a sigh and some laughs he said he would kill the 9th Doctor, Marry the 10th Doctor, and shag the 11th Doctor… with no problem of interchanging some to shag the rest.

Ale Bodden has been a contributor to Bleeding Cool since October 2013. She can be found on Twitter: @alebodden11 and at www.nerdyfaery.wordpress.com. She is also a writer and contributor for www.oldmangeek88.com.

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