Villains Seeking Hero #1-5 Drops on ComiXology This Week

Villains Seeking Hero is the latest Action Lab release to hit ComiXology this week, and it's coming in one binge-readable chunk. The comics industry is shutdown for at least the rest of the month, if not longer. This is a tough situation for retailers, but it's also hard for fans, separated from their usual weekly supply of superhero comics. Marvel and DC have refused to release digital versions of their regular comics during the shutdown, and most other major publishers have followed suit. But when life gives you lemons, the old saying goes, make lemonade.

Action Lab Comics has continued to launch digital-first series on ComiXology during the shutdown, including Cut-Man, hitting stores tomorrow. But for another release this week, Action Lab is trying something different. They're dropping all five issues of the first story arc at once. The current situation is by no means ideal, but it is also an opportunity to try something new, and Action Lab, at least, looks to be trying to capitalize. Check out the press release below the release of the first story arc this new series hitting ComiXology on Wednesday.

The cover to Villains Seeking Hero #1 from Action Lab, with art by Ben Matsuya.
The cover to this new comic from Action Lab hitting comiXology on Wednesday, with art by Ben Matsuya.

First Story Arc of Villains Seeking Hero: Everybody Hates Somebody Out Via ComiXology on 4/8/2020

Available this week on comiXology from Action Lab: Danger Zone, Villains Seeking Hero is a creator-owned series that follows the complicated yet humorous lives of a middle-aged has-been, the self-proclaimed king of the nonexistent Spirit World, & a mute muscleman of mystery as they try their best to be the greatest super-villains around. It's Mad Men meets The Office all wrapped up in a spandex suit!

In a world of frequent events and constant reboots, Villains Seeking Hero is a back-to-basics comic book with a not so basic premise that anyone and everyone can hop into. It's something familiar, but entirely new! Creator/writer Louis Southard adds: "I hope the reader can have a laugh and enjoy themselves while reading it, but also notice that there's a larger, more complicated story at play in the background with the possibility of twists/reveals dropping at any moment."

Southard goes on to say: "I started messing around with the idea for this book when I was 16. Just watching it grow and develop over the years into something real is a very surreal experience. I never thought that something like this could happen to someone like me. There's a lot of love in this book and I hope people can notice it."

The first 5 issues of Villains Seeking Hero will be available on April 8, 2020. The first volume, which collects the first 5 issues, along with issues #6-8, will be up on comiXology on April 15, 2020. And there will be even more supervillain hijinks to come!

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