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Comic Creators Pull Lawsuit Against Action Lab, But Plan To Refile
In September 2021, Bleeding Cool first talked to Action Lab Entertainment CEO Bryan Seaton about complaints from comic book creators regarding payments, rights and publishing We followed that by detailing a number of such accounts from creators over how Action Lab was handling these complaints, with mixed results In February 2022, a class action lawsuit[...]
Princeless Free Comic Book Day Cancelled By Action Lab
Last year, comic book publishers Action Lab Entertainment became the subject of concerns from several comic book creators over the past year, culminating in a class action lawsuit from a number of them Action Lab also had a Free Comic Book Day title scheduled for this May, featuring work that may be under dispute. Princeless creators[...]
Daniel Gordon
The Wolf And The Crow #1 by Daniel Gordon and Ismáel Hernandez was published digitally by Action Lab Entertainment in 2020 to rave reviews But that was it Gordon was part of repeat criticism from comic book creators against Action Lab. In 2021, Daniel Gordon told us "Long story short, early in 2020 (pre-pandemic), I signed[...]
Action Lab Issues Statement Against Princeless Comic Creators
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool reported on the creators of the Princeless comic book, Jeremy Whitely and Emily Martin and their issues with comic book publisher Action Lab soliciting a new Princeless comic book for next year's Free Comic Book Day, featuring unpublished comics, despite impending litigation. We initially reached out to Bryan Seaton, publisher of[...]
Cover image for BALLAD OF RONAN VOL 2 #1 (RES)
Action Lab Comics has had some issues since the class action lawsuit from dozens of comic book creators claiming all manner of things But there are still publishing a few comic book -albeit far fewer And in their December 2022 solicitations that also means cancelling previously solicited comics and resoliciting them again for the end[...]
Jarred Lujan and Kyler Clodfelter were one of a number of creators who had problems at Action Lab Entertainment last year, and tried to pull their book, Crash & Troy, to be published elsewhere after several delays and other issues Indeed, it was their experiences that may have inspired many other creators to speak out[...]
Action Lab Launches A Slasher VErsion Of Pied Piper Of Hamelin
It's probably not the easiest time for Action Lab Entertainment right now, with a litany of class-action comic book creator lawsuits against them Amnd a publisher which would have dozens and dozens of titles a month now has, for June 2022 at least, two Firstly a slasher take on the Pied Piper of Hamelin storyline[...]
Cover image for BALLAD OF RONAN #1 (OF 6)
Action Lab Entertainment is currently under a threat of a class action suit from many of its comic book creators, concerning payment and publishing issues over the last few years But it is still an active, working comic book publisher And while access to many of its projects seems to be limited right now, it[...]
Rich Johnston Talks To Bryan Sealey About Action Lab Concerns
Bleeding Cool previously covered a number of comic book creators issues with Action Lab Entertainment, the reaction of publisher Bryan Seaton to these issues, and claimed attempts to be putting some of them to right But in a new class-action lawsuit, almost forty creators are suing Action Lab Entertainment, alleging that Action Lab did not[...]
Cover image for S FACTOR TP (RES)
Action Lab has had one, two or three tricky issues with comic book creators of late But they are heading forward with new schedules, as seen in their December 2021 solicits and solicitations, including lining up a resolicitation of the collection of S-Factor I've chatted with the creators and they seem fine with this going[...]
Action Lab Creators Start Getting Publishing Dates  - Or Rights Back
A week ago, I interviewed Action Lab Comics President Bryan Seaton about comic book creators' concerns regarding his comic book publisher, who have cited a lack of communication, payment, or publication regarding their comic books from the publisher I was only able to publish the interview five days ago, but between the interview and publication,[...]
Rich Johnston Talks To Bryan Sealey About Action Lab Concerns
It's Action Lab time In recent days there has been a surge of creator comments on social media regarding eleven-year-old comic book publisher Action Lab Comics based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which operates as both Action Lab Entertainment and as mature readers publisher Action Lab Danger Zone I spoke to current Action Lab President Bryan Seaton[...]
Action Lab
In 2013, comic book publisher Action Lab of Pennsylvania began publishing the comic book series, and it has been running there since But since April 2020, there had been lawsuits running between Dan Mendoza and Action Lab over the use of the character However, all litigation was then withdrawn this year, as all parties agreed[...]
Cover image for DIGGER #1 (MR)
Digger is the new Action Lab series launching in October by Marcelo Ferreira, Adrian Speckert, Todd Hughes, Athila Fabbio and Michael Rodrigue about monster hunters passing on the legacy from boomer to zoomer… here's the solicit and everything else Action Lab has out in October, both in its Entertainment and Danger Lab brands… #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
Action Lab has two books to launch in September, Bigfoot Frankenstein by Mark Bertolini and Claudia Palescandolo which makes a Frankenstein creature out of a bigfoot, and from their Danger Zone line, fantasy warring comic Hath No Fury by Steph Cannon, Luke Martinez and Judd Abinuman Here are the full September 2021 solicitations. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
Cover image for CITIZEN #1
Action Lab is launching a neew series from their Action Lab Entertainment line in August, Citizen #1 by Charlie McFarland and Aleksandar Jovic about a normal human journalist in city of superheroes It seems partially Jim Valentino's normalman and Alan Moore, Gene Ha and Zander Cannon's Top Ten All the other books in Action Lab's[...]
Samuel George London & Chris Panda's The S Factor - Action Lab Comics
Action Lab has really shrunk as a comics publisher coming out of pandemic June 2021 sees only one title and a resolicited trade paperback of another, while Diamond reports more cancellations of solicited titles such as Dollface, Miraculous and Amalgama Space Zombie But, for June, there is a new series to print, Samuel George London[...]
Sasquatch In Love #1 Launches in Action Lab October 2020 Solicits
Jason Nuttall and Alexis Vivallo are launching a brand new comic book from Action Lab in October, Sasquatch In Love, in Zombie Tramp hits an anniversary 75th issue, in Action Lab solicitations for October 2020. SASQUATCH IN LOVE #1 (OF 4) Action Lab AUG201058 (W) Jason Nuttall (A/CA) Alexis Vivallo Meet Holden: he's well-read, caring, and single[...]
Action Lab Entertainment
Action Lab is launching two new series in September, fantasy epic Carmine by Colleen Douglas and Alvaro Sarraseca and multidimensional adventure Miranda In The Maelstrom by Riley Dashiell Biehl and Koi Carreon. Action Lab Launch Carmine and Miranda In The Maelstrom in September. CARMINE #1 (MR) (W) Colleen Douglas (A) Alvaro Sarraseca Carmine is the new "seal bearer" for the[...]
Diamond Says 20th May For New Comics From Marvel, Image, IDW and More.
Now here is everything from Marvel, Image, IDW, Boom, Dark Horse, Action Lab, Oni Press, Titan, Vault, Zenescope and more, also from Diamond. DARK HORSE ART OF GUILD WARS COMPLETE ARENANET 20TH ANN ED HC (C: 1-1-2 05/20/20 DARK HORSE BANG #1 (OF 5) 3RD PTG 05/20/20 DARK HORSE BLACKWOOD MOURNING AFTER #3 (OF 4) CVR A FISH 05/27/20 DARK HORSE BLACKWOOD MOURNING AFTER #3 (OF[...]
The cover to Seamus the Famous #1 by Christopher Ring.
But while most publishers have either ceased publication of new comics or drastically reduced it, one heroic publisher, Action Lab, has been pressing ahead with digital-first releases, and we just want to say: we appreciate it, not just for giving people something to read, but for giving us something to write about as well! This week,[...]
The cover of Cut Man #1 with the creative team Alexander Banks-Jongman, Robert Ahmad, and DC Hopkins and published by Danger Zone/Action Lab Entertainment.
This means either you're waiting for the twist you know is coming, which is too long to wait, or you're just taking it as a slice of life story, and the twist can throw you. The cover of Cut Man #1 with the creative team Alexander Banks-Jongman, Robert Ahmad, and DC Hopkins and published by Danger[...]
The cover to Villains Seeking Hero #1 from Action Lab, with art by Ben Matsuya.
Villains Seeking Hero is the latest Action Lab release to hit ComiXology this week, and it's coming in one binge-readable chunk The comics industry is shutdown for at least the rest of the month, if not longer This is a tough situation for retailers, but it's also hard for fans, separated from their usual weekly[...]
The cover to Cut-Man #1 from Action Lab Comics, with art by Robert Ahmad.
For the second week in a row, Action Lab will be one of few comic book publishers to launch a new series during the industry-wide shutdown Cut-Man is a digital-first series by Alexander Banks-Jongman and Robert Ahmad starting Wednesday Creator Banks-Jongman describes the series as "an exploration of broken people, the search for truth and[...]
lucifersknight1 (1)
That being said the gap leaves room for new digital series to come out and one of those is Lucifer's Knight. The point is that readers, who are also stuck at home in quarantine, are left without their favorite form of entertainment to distract them from the horrors of life, and industry leaders like Marvel and DC[...]
On the 16th of December, Mclean wrote a piece for Bleeding Cool highlighting his new comic book, which we ran on the 18th of December, the same day that the comic was published by Action Lab Entertainment.  However, McLean hadn't been seen since the 17th December, after going to a party in the Glasgow/Greenock/Inverclyde area of Scotland[...]
Villains Seeking Hero is a new series by Louis Southard and Ben Matsuya, launching from Action Lab Entertainment in June – that's the current plan Here are solicitations for the first six issues, along with some character designs… Once a respected and feared pillar of the super-villain community, the middle-aged veteran baddie known as Master Molecule[...]
Action Lab Announces Spencer & Locke 3
Action Lab has announced the next volume of Spencer & Locke from David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr with a new teaser and a quote from Pepose: Artist Jorge Santiago, Jr and I have been so grateful for the incredible response SPENCER & LOCKE has received from readers, retailers, and the press We are excited to[...]