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Paul Pope Covered Lone Wolf And Cub Criterion Blu-Ray Box Set Wandering To The UK
The Criterion Collection have produced 2K restorations of the original 6 live action films to be released on March 27th 2017 in the UK (amazon link), which seem to have been previously released in the states. Here's Paul Pope's art for the box set: The films, based on (writer) Kazuo Koike and (artist) Goseki Kojima's manga of the same name about Ogami[...]
Mafia III's E3 Trailer Has Hit And It's Quite Excellent
It has shown a huge ambition to create what looks like a culturally rich landscape. 2K have now released their E3 trailer too, showing the world we are going to be diving into this year This trailer has so much style and texture to it, in a way few games do There looks to be challenging[...]
Battleborn Has Been Delayed Until May
I'm still a little undecided on Battleborn. I've played it a couple times now, and it really could go either way in terms of quality. It's got good ideas
Hulk Hogan Won't Appear In WWE 2K16 Amid Scandal
This has led the to the WWE distancing from themselves from the iconic wrestler in recent days amid the scandal. That distancing will extend to WWE 2K16  In a statement to Polygon, 2K said: We are highly respectful of the way that our partners choose to run their business and manage our partnerships accordingly[...]
Stone Cold Steve Austin Confirmed For WWE 2K16 Cover
It's certainly popular now, but the years he was active were when the WWE was edgier and the business was trying new things. That is what 2K are banking on clearly, as they have announced that the legend is going to adorn the box for WWE 2K16 Take a look:   Not much more is known about the[...]
Spike Lee Is Writing The Story For NBA 2K16
If you've never played the NBA 2K games, they actually have fairly in depth stories with characters, plot and all that. But yes! Film Director Spike Lee is going to be taking on the writing duties of NBA 2K16, it's been announced The cover itself will even adorn the trademark 'A Spike Lee Joint' subtitle. Lee is[...]
Battleborn Resurfaces With A Very Stylish Trailer
I'm going to be seeing Battleborn in less than two weeks as part of 2K Games' E3 showing I'm looking forward to it too It is supposedly MOBA-ish, and seeing Gearbox playing with that genre could be really fun. We don't know too much about the game, but here is a really slick trailer for the[...]