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Bannermen Receives a New Trailer Along With a Release Date
2tainment GmbH and Pathos Interactive have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming strategy game Bannermen, complete with a release date If you're not familiar with the game, it's kinda been hovering under the radar as a real-time strategy title that has you fighting as the people in a kingdom under a terrible reign, filled with[...]
Racing Without The Pop & Flash: We Review 'Crashday: Redline Edition'
Flash forward 11 years and, for some strange reason, we have a re-release with all new content in Crashday: Redline Edition. credit//2tainment GmbH Now to be clear, this is the primary game with a bunch of new add-ons, so while we're going to talk about the game as a whole, we probably won't touch that much on[...]