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DC 3D – Friday Trending Topics
I do hope this means 3D as in 3D glasses That would definitely be fun. We've had the WTF gatefold covers We've had the Death Of The Family die-cut covers. What's next? Most-Read Comic Stories Friday: DC's Next Cover Gimmick – 3D Covers We've had the WTF gatefold covers We've had the Death Of The Family die-cut covers. What's next? Priest And[...]
DC's Next Cover Gimmick – 3D Covers
"DC – 3D covers" Well, it was worth asking around Most DC comics creators I spoke to had heard nothing One confessed to have seen "3D covers" on a DC list somewhere But one prominent DC artist confirmed that they are coming, but gave no further details. So how? Do they mean embossed covers? Do they[...]
Now May Possibly Be The Time To Buy Alien And Prometheus Films On Blu Ray
As the Black Friday deals aproach, this seems to have nipped in early with the Prometheus 3d/Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Combo pack down from $50 to $15. And the Alien Anthology down from $70 to $20. You you could of course wait for the next Alien Anthology which may well have Prometheus shoved in there as well. Or you could[...]
My Favourite Tribute To Ray Zone
Ray Zone, king of 3D comic books and other stereographic art, passed away at the age of sixty-five Creating and transforming many comic books into 3D over the years, there's one very specific tribute that sticks out From an interview with Alan Moore, talking about the Black Dossier and DC Comics. we planned this spectacular 3-D[...]
David Marquez On The Joy Of 3D
Ryan today at SDCC where they told me about their upcoming project together, titled The Joyners in 3D, to be published by Archaia You'll know David's art from the current run of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man which has just released its 12th issue and is definitely worth picking up if you haven't already. Ryan and Marquez last[...]
The Bleeding Cool Review Of The Avengers In 3D
Where we got Iron Man and Hulk-themed 3D glasses They are totally going on eBay. Ours was a rather short journey Marvel Studios have been on it for years On the bus to the cinema I loaded up a few YouTube-sourced cameos from previous movies, to give us both a quick refresher course Seeing Iron Man[...]
As Kodak File For Bankruptcy, The Future Of Cinema Is Unveiled
I'm not referring purely to 3D – a technique which still divides many with strong opinions both for and against it – but also to the release of films in higher framerates Films shown at 60fps, for example, would not suffer the ever-present problem of motion blur shown in this still from The Dark Knight. As[...]
Pixar and Disney To Re-Release Four Of Their Biggest Hits In 3D
Welcome to the latest Hollywood craze: post-converting movies that proved wildly successful upon their first release to 3D and then stuffing them back into cinema playlists for another turn profit-spin We've known for a while about James Cameron's plans to release a 3D version of Titanic on the centenary of the tragedy, and that Pixar[...]
We've Had A Look At Titanic 3D – Here's Kate's Take On The Footage
As everyone and his dog must know, Titanic was originally the super smash of 1997 but, to coincide with the centenary of the sinking of the ship next year, Fox and James Cameron are re-releasing the film, with every scene freshly painted in state of the art 3D. On Friday, some Big Screeners were treated to[...]
A Comic Show – The Poop Coming Right At You
Aaron and Tri-Force Mike get hit by a penis in the face in Crossed 3D. But that's not all, tomorrow's comics gives the boys three Green Lanterns, with the original, Corps and Emerald Warriors, all in one week Swamp Thing in Green Arrow, as Aaron always said Hating Doomsday in Action Comics Hickman nailing FF[...]