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Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Spirit Black Series Figure 1

Obi-Wan Gets An Interesting New Black Series Figure

Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite Star Wars character. The picture of light-side civility, he is the ultimate Jedi in my eyes. I remember seeing A New Hope for the first time, and when Luke introduces us to Old Ben will forever be one of the coolest moments I have experienced watching a film. Seeing him […]

star wars products hasbro nycc

Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Products At NYCC, Including Mighty Muggs!

Hasbro did not have a booth at NYCC 2017, but that won't stop us from getting some great reveals from them! I got to meet with the Star Wars team offsite and get hands on with some of their upcoming product through the end of the year. Even some stuff newly revealed throughout 2018. Let's […]

First Wave Of SDCC Funko Exclusives Announced, And They Are Star Wars

This is a big week for Funko fans, as we start to get their SDCC 2017 exclusives announced. They always have tons and tons coming, and today we have a look at the first announcement: Star Wars. there is four total, one is a doozy, one is a well-requested figure they better make a shared […]

This Darth Vader TIE Fighter Deluxe Funko Pop Is Too Adorable

Funko and Star Wars go together like peanut butter and jelly, and one of the things they have been doing extremely well is their new line of deluxe Star Wars Pops in vehicles and riding creatures and such. The newest one will be no different, as we are now getting a Target-exclusive Darth Vader in […]

40th Anniversary Of Star Wars: An Ode To Action Figures, Both Past And Present

Starting in 1978, Star Wars collecting and especially the action figures took over the toy industry. No matter how many versions and variants released of characters over the years, collectors will be there, money in hand to purchase them. From the original Kenner toy line in 1978, to the weird action-hero style of Power of […]

The Ten Best John Williams Songs To Listen To On Star Wars Day

John Williams is the best film composer of all-time. His greatest achievement would be the soundtracks to the 7 films that makes up the Star Wars Saga (Rogue One is not a Saga film). Since today is Star Wars Day (May the Forth be With You!) and if you are like me and have to […]

Kenner Vintage Was All The Rage At Star Wars Celebration

Kenner perfected the action figure with their Star Wars line of action figures back in the late 70's and early 80's. They sold millions upon millions of figures, playsets, vehicles, anything really. It is one of the most beloved toy lines of all-time, and collectors (like myself) go gaga for loose and carded figures, spending […]

Now There Is A Luke's Landspeeder To Race With Rey's

And the pre-Celebration announcements are coming fast and furious now. Joining the Rey Jakku Speeder announced yesterday is Luke's Speeder from Tattooine. Hasbro is really going all in on these 6 inch scale Black Series vehicles now. Arguably the best vehicle in the entire franchise (fight me), it will also come with a newly sculpted Luke […]

Right In The Feels: Hasbro's Star Wars Black Series Legacy Pack

When Hasbro announced their plans for the Star Wars 40th Anniversary figure line, I was pretty excited to get my hands on the vintage-inspired carded figures. While I have not gotten those yet, I did manage to find something else in the store today that is totally awesome: The Legacy Pack. This is the only […]

Building The LEGO Death Star Part 1- Heavy Boxes And Missing Pieces

The ultimate show of power in the collecting galaxy, the LEGO® Death Star has been a holy grail of collecting for me since I heard it existed. All those bricks! All the mini-figures! I could not even wrap my head around it. I missed the boat on the very first release, and also the Death Star […]

Mindless Speculation On The 40th Anniversary Panel At Star Wars Celebration

Yesterday, Lucasfilm announced through their weekly Star Wars Show on YouTube many great things. Rogue One is coming to streaming March 25 and then to blu-ray on April 3. But it was one announcement that really perked my ears up, especially since I will be going to Star Wars Celebration in April, and that was […]

40th Anniversary Black Series Star Wars Figures Make Me Nostalgic

Today at New York Toy Fair, Hasbro held a big presentation on all of their brands, but the big question was over their plans for Star Wars, as it's the 40th anniversary of A New Hope this year. Well, we have part of the answer. Revealed on Entertainment Weekly after the panel ended, look for the fabled […]

First Plans For Star Wars 40th Anniversary Revealed By Hasbro

People around the globe will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars this year, and one of the main things have been wondering in the collecting community has been how Hasbro would handle it. Rumors have run rampant, and this morning they have started to reveal some of their plans ahead of next weeks Toyfair. […]

Galactic Plushies From Funko Invade Store Shelves

One could argue that the most popular line of Funko products would be their Star Wars offerings. It has its own subscription box and Star Wars also has one of the biggest individual lines of Pop figures. During their 12 Days of Funko Christmas announcements, they led off with Star Wars, teasing support for Episode […]

Marvel Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars With 48 Variants in 2017

The film that started it all is turning 40 next year, as May will mark 40 years since A New Hope first graced theater screens and changed pop culture forever. To celebrate, Marvel will be doing a total of 48 variant covers for their Star Wars publishing line starting in January and continuing through 2017. […]

How The Remastered Star Wars Comic Compares To The Original 1977 Version

On the left, pages from the original Star Wars #1 from Marvel comics form 1977. On the right the new pages, recoloured by A Crossley replacin Marie Severin's originals for the Star Wars: A New Hope OGN (bringing new meaning to the 'O' somehow) reprinting those early Marvel Star Wars comics, back when they first wanted the license. […]