Obi-Wan Gets An Interesting New Black Series Figure

Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite Star Wars character. The picture of light-side civility, he is the ultimate Jedi in my eyes. I remember seeing A New Hope for the first time, and when Luke introduces us to Old Ben will forever be one of the coolest moments I have experienced watching a film. Seeing him fall in battle with Darth Vader wrecked me. Seeing him return in spirit form thrilled me. Before we knew we were getting all of these new Star Ward films, the last shots we would have were of Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Yoda. Three masters tipping their caps to our new one.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Spirit Black Series Figure

Now available at Walgreens stores, we have a special Obi-Wan figure to commemorate this moment. After success doing 3.75 inch versions of spirit figures, we get a 6 inch version. This one feels special right at first glance, as soon as you see the packaging. Forgoing the standard black and red, we get a sharp looking blue. Other than that, right down to the character portrait on the back, everything remains mostly the same.

Once you get him out of the package, the figure is sadly a bit of a mixed bag. No accessories except for the spirit robe are included. Which makes sense, his Force Ghost version didn't have a lightsaber or anything. I am a little puzzled as to why they didn't make the whole figure translucent like the lower half. The figure itself has a shiny, ethereal paint job on it. It looks great in certain lights, in others it looks like a weird glaze over everything. Like the Obi-Wan released last year, the head-sculpt is great. Wish that we had a soft goods robe besides the cloak, but I get why we don't.

The robe is a big issue. Do not remove it. It is easily snagged on the plastic since it is made with really thin material. The hood is awkward and does not sit well on his head. When you pull it down behind the figures head, it bunches up and looks not so great, but it is the better way to display the figure.

Overall, I am happy with this one. It is a unique figure for the line, and a great idea for an exclusive. I wish he had come out later, as they have even better tech to create awesome head scans. But for $20, if you are a Star Wars collector, you should pick one up.

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