Let's Take a Look at the Star Wars Black Series Dewback and Sandtrooper

Star Wars Black Series figures are hit or miss sometimes. As of late, they have been more hit. Nowhere is this more evident than the Dewback and Sandtrooper deluxe figure set (number 4 in the line) recently released. They have been hard to come by in my area, but I finally got my hands on one. If you were on the fence abut this set, I will go ahead and spoil the end: you shouldn't be. Let's take a look and you can see why you should buy this one now.

The boxes for the Star Wars Black Series figures is always so cool. I never actually want to open them, I love the design that much. The regular release figures could use a color scheme change, but these deluxe boxes feel sleek with their mostly black box and minimal reds. Mine was pretty dinged up, but it perfectly protected the figures inside, so it turned out okay.

The Sandtrooper figure is pretty much the same as the first couple releases, with added sand-wash to the armor. I will say that this figure is way less stiff than his counterparts. The original Sandtrooper was in the first wave of Black Series. It is wild to think that these have been on the market for only five years. He comes with a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle and a Dewback prod. He perfectly fits on the mount as well — no issues there.

This is the Dewback figure I have wanted since I was a kid. The tail, head, all four legs, toes, mouth, and even tongue are fully articulated. While I wish the neck had a bit more range of motion, it is far from a dealbreaker. The sculpting work here is magnificent. The Dewback is really easy to pose, especially with the heavily articulated feet. And I love the mouth and tongue articulation! Look how happy he looks in those pictures!

This set is a home run. It is a worthy addition to any Star Wars Black Series collection or as a standalone piece. You can order one for yourself here.

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