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The Return Of Damian Wayne To DC, From Andy Kubert (COVER UPDATE)

Is it continuity? It might be. We'll see. In October, DC Comics is bringing back the recent kebabed Damian Wayne in Damian: Son of Batman, a four issue series by Andy Kubert that will expand on the future of Gotham stories of Batman Inc, with Damian Wayne as a grown up Batman. The New York […]

More X-Books Coming. And Other Bits And Bobs

In the last couple of weeks, I've been hearing various bits and bobs. We know that Gambit's last issue will come in September. And that X-Factor is no more. I'm told there are two new X-books on the table for Marvel for Marvel NOW TWO, one with a November release date and other early 2014. […]

Advance Review: Flashpoint #4 by Geoff Johns And Andy Kubert

There's a twentieth century experience that I'm unfamiliar with, personally that is. Watching the television or listening to the radio in the belief that you may hear about your impending death. Both in World War II and during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Britain and America experienced that feeling, the knowledge that the next hours may […]