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Adam Kubert Joins All-New All-Different Avengers
And not Bruce Banner or Janet Van Dyne… And as well as artist Mahmud Asrar, who drew the FCBD issue, Adam Kubert will be joining the art team, alternating with Mahmud And will run for more than 12 issues a year. The series will bring Warbringer from Nova as a bad guy, the series will see the formation[...]
Wolverine Won't Be Back Until At Least 2016 It Seems – The Marvel Panel At Fan Expo
Whereas DC has an itinerary, a powerpoint, audiences prizes and a short Q&A session at the end, Marvel does their panels entirely as open Q&A's with no prepared presentation. This year's panel included Adam Kubert, Mahmud Asrar, Ryan Stegman, Greg Pak, C.B Cebulski, Charles Soule and Janine Schafer. Charles Soule spent some time talking about She-Hulk and[...]
Marvel Brings Back The Acetate Cover For Origins II
Never mind the quality, feel the width! Well, Marvel are fighting back, giving their new series for December, Origins II by Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert an acetate cover, the likes of which adorned the Marvels comics back in the day. Retailer attendees at New York Comic Con will get a free cover preview and some[...]
More X-Books Coming. And Other Bits And Bobs
And that X-Factor is no more. I'm told there are two new X-books on the table for Marvel for Marvel NOW TWO, one with a November release date and other early 2014. One should be a hybrid New X-Men/New Mutants/Hellfire Academy/Generation X type of comic – though sadly nothing to do with that Clay Mann image above[...]