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"Watchmen": Why Does Nobody Say This about Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias?
In Watchmen, Adrian Veidt, the world's smartest man and ex-vigilante, is probably the story's more mysterious and interesting character Yes, fans love Rorschach for being the uncompromising one, but Veidt is the real star of the show He's the one driving the whole story all along He turns out to be the villain all along[...]
Is Doomsday Clock Based on a Massive Plothole?
Actually, I found a lot of things lacking but that's for a review that I don't plan to write. But one thing that bothered me from the start – the whole plot might be founded on a huge plothole. Ozymandias' Original Plot To wit: the miniseries starts from the premise that the publication of Rorschach's journal undoes Adrian[...]
Watchmen: Jeremy Irons as Older Ozymandias, Jean Smart as "Agent Blake"?
Television/film website iFilm is reporting that actor Jeremy Irons is set to play an older version of Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias aka the chief antagonist/protagonist (debate!) of the original comics series In addition, Jean Smart (Fargo, Legion) is joining the cast as an FBI agent assigned to track down vigilantes – with a name that should[...]