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Comic Book Workers United
Belcastro, J Breese, Juliette Adler, Two Plum Press, Michael Luberski, Harper Quinn, Nathan Ebersole, Sarah Morrill, Ragna Cook, Mika Flynn, Betty Carlson, Naomi Jones, Shiza Amal Masood, Kerrith Johnson, Jim Higgins, Matthew Ryan, Paul Axel, Gabbie Scanlon, Daniel Irizarri, Ryan Stively, Haley Owen, Liam V Malone, Peter Hogg, Craig Strukoff, Kevin Ceballos-Rubio, Greg Lockard, Matilda[...]
Alex De Campi Teams Veterans With Comics Artists For True War Stories
Colors are by Dee Cunniffe, Matt Soffe, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Tarsis Cruz, and Aladdin Collar All lettering will be done by Alex de Campi. "Working on this book has been one of my personal high points in comics" say Alex de Campi "Every story is fantastic, every collaborator has been a delight to work with, and I[...]