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Alien: The RPG Receives Destroyer Of Worlds Module & Starter Set
Free League Publishing revealed that they have now released the Destroyer Of Worlds module for Alien: The RPG, as well as the Starter Set Ever since the core rulebook was released back in late December, its been gathering a small but loyal fanbase, including a couple of Twitch shows dedicated to playing the game Not[...]
Alien The RPG Starter and Destroyer of Worlds
Free League Publishing and 20th Century Studios have revealed two major expansions for Alien: The RPG that are up for pre-order The tabletop adaptation was released last December and got a lot of praise at the time for being able to incorporate the original film series into a tabletop roleplaying game Now it will be[...]
Free League Publishing Will Show Off "Alien" RPG At PAX Unplugged
Some cool news from Free League Publishing this week as they will be bringing Alien: The RPG with them to PAX Unplugged this year You will be able to check it out at the Free League booth, located at #3312 There, visitors can meet setting writer and sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C Gaska, as well as[...]