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Saying Goodbye To DC Comics Staffers Last Week
Here's a look at some of the reaction to and from DC staffers who left this past week, including Andy Khouri, Mark Doyle, Bobbie Chase, Sandy Resnick, Jonah Weiland and Dan Evans III. Andy Khouri posted the following last Friday, and many creators and other staffers responded Bleeding Cool selects a number of those, as well[...]
DC Comics Hiring Continues To Cause Ructions
We mentioned a while ago that the DC Comics move from East Coast to West Coast would cause ructions for West Coast publishers, more than it would the New York publishers they leave behind. After all, losing almost half your New York staff, even with imposed cutbacks, still means for a lot of Help Wanted signs. Last[...]
Cyberpunk's Influence On Brian Wood's Channel Zero And The Couriers
on The Couriers incorporated Wood's style into their own, maintaining a thematic, but not tonal, consistency across those works. Andy Khouri of Comics Alliance sums up Wood's style in a 2011 interview when he says it "represents an arduous, expressly DIY method of comic book-making that new technology has dramatically changed […] [and is] the culmination[...]