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Gun Honey Volume 1 Review: Old-Fashioned Male Gazey Pulp
I believe Titan promoted the series at NYCC last year? Gun Honey volume one cover by Bill-Sienkiewicz Gun Honey, drawn by Ang Hor Kheng and colored by Asifur Rahman, is about a fantastically attractive female gun runner (Joanna Tan) who is blackmailed into service by the U.S government It's more pulp than noir, as Kheng (and perhaps[...]
Hitting The Beach With Gun Honey As We Review Issue #1
Ang Hor Kheng is a talented artist who is a good match for this comic as he draws the human form well with amazing detailed backgrounds The issue ends with a decent cliffhanger to bring you back for Issue #2. This issue sticks out in an overcrowded comic market; no superpowers, no magic, some cool, down-to-earth[...]