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Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea's KS Pledge Levels Revealed
Steamforged Games, a game design company whose work includes various licensed games such as Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game and Godtear, has once again teamed up with Painting Polygons to bring Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea to the tables of fans of the 5e system of Dungeons & Dragons The pledge levels for the Kickstarter for this role-playing[...]
Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Kickstarter Set For July 20th
This campaign will be used to fund Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea, an all-new story with "awakened" animal companions as the player characters. Key art for Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea, a tabletop role-playing game setting by Steamforged Games. In the new installment of Animal Adventures, players play as "awakened" animals in the ramshackle shanty town of Flotsam[...]
"Animal Adventure" New Kickstarter Fully Funded, Ends Tomorrow!
With just under 22 hours left for backers to further fund this campaign, Russ Charles's Kickstarter for Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove, in association with Steamforged Games, is fully funded and more! As of writing, the campaign has made nearly $429,000. Source: Steamforged Games From the Kickstarter page: Animal Adventures is back with a pawsome new campaign setting[...]
New "Animal Adventures" Models, Book on Kickstarter!
It's a new line of models and a book for Animal Adventures! Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove is a new book by Steamforged Games, launching its Kickstarter tomorrow, January 28th! This "swashbuckling adventure set" is one that will expand the Animal Adventures line into its own fully-fleshed out universe that will be fully compatible with "the fifth[...]
Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs is D&D 5E with Cats
The campaign was run by developer Russ Charles and met its funding goal within the Kickstarter period, but you can still add as a late pledge now. The mod is the second entry in the Animal Adventures series called Cats and Catacombs The set of detailed miniatures combine several popular cat breeds with different classes of Dungeons & Dragons' Fifth[...]