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Marvel Issues Full Checklist For Infinity Watch Annuals
Marvel's new Infinity Watch crossover begins in June in Derek Landy, Salvador Larroca, and Sara Pichelli's Thanos Annual #1, before annuals for Amazing Spider-Man, Immortal Thor and Ms Marvel in July Now Marvel Comics has announced Wolverine and Hulk annuals for August, and Moon Knight, Spider-Boy and Avengers annuals for September to wrap it all[...]
The Fourth Annual Black Comic Book Festival, Next Saturday In New York #blackcomicbookfestnyc
 This is the official poster for the 4th Annual Black Comic Book Festival at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture next Saturday. Featuring the art of Mshindo Kuumba and logo design by Alex Batchelor. Admission is free… are you going? The Schomburg Center's 4th Annual Black Comic Book Festival celebrates the rich tradition of black comix in a full day[...]
Emperor Palpatine Does His Own PSAs (STAR WARS SPOILERS)
From today's Star Wars Annual #1, Emperor Palpatine addresses the citizens of the Empire, personally, on camera… I'm going to say that he must have fired his PR managers, because he really doesn't have the face for forty foot high public address systems. Still, I don't suppose anyone is going to tell him He is the Emperor[...]
Valiant's Very First Annual, Bloodshot Reborn 2016, Features Jeff Lemire, Kano, Ray Fawkes, Michel Fiffe, Benjamin Marra, Paul Maybury And More
And as Jeff Lemire hits the even bigger time as X-Men lead writer, he's not letting the movie-bound Bloodshot goes… Valiant is proud to announce the BLOODSHOT REBORN 2016 ANNUAL #1 – a 64-page extravaganza coming this March from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and acclaimed artist Kano (QUANTUM AND WOODY, Swamp Thing)…[...]
How National Lampoon Inspired A CBLDF Liberty Annual From Image Comics
D.A.Cox writes from the editor's page of this year's CBLDF Liberty Annual from Image Comics… If you were to ask me to name the greatest human achievements in printing since Gutenberg, I would have a pretty easy time naming a top three In no particular order, I would give you the works of Charles Portis, Jack Kirby's[...]
Harley Quinn Tops The Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 3rd November 2014
While there was a varied performance from store to store, in the end the $4.99 Harley Quinn Annual topped the Bleeding Cool Bestseller List for the week, the first time we've had an annual do that. Harley Quinn Annual #1 Batman Eternal #30 Guardians of the Galaxy #30 All New X-Men #33 Saga #24 Wonder Woman #35 Deadpool/Captain America #1 Earth 2: Worlds[...]
Harley Quinn Annual Gets A Cannabis Leaf Cover Warning
Hannah Means-Shannon is currently liveblogging the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con. Where Bob Wayne, for his final preentation to NYCC retailers, has just shown off the final cover to the bagged Harley Quinn "Rub-And-Smell" Annual With a very special cover warning. "This issue contains scents designed to offend, inform and amuse" … along with a cannabis leaf[...]
So… Are We Getting A Superior Spider-Man #31 After All?
Probably not. It also seems to collect a Superior Spider-Man Annual #2 Which is odd, because there's an Annual #1 being published in January, and to be collected in the previous collection, The Superior Venom. Could we be getting that Annual in April as well? Nah, mixing my Annuals up As usual Thanks Tom. But with Amazing Spider-Man 2[...]
Blame The Walking Dead For The CBLDF Liberty Annual Second Printing
And I bet it's the Walking Dead's fault. The CBLDF Liberty Annual is getting a second print this year Annually this comic anthology comes out with a bunch of great little talkes from some major names, sells a bunch, raises money and then that's about it. Expect this year, the Annual in question had an original Walking[...]
The New 52 One Year On – Week Five
That was planned well before it began… Green Lantern Annual #1 is totally what everything has been building towards The Third Army Black Hand Sinestro and Hal Jordan together And the Guardians being all sorts of naughty But that's okay, because in a box somewhere in space, we find a bunch of Hobbity Guardians from long[...]
Booster Gold Takes On The Superman / Wonder Woman Kiss
Sent from an anonymous comics retailer comes one scene from Justice League International Annual #1which, you know, shouldn't be a spoiler after this week's news agenda, although the panels after it are – and I've deleted those. And while it makes sense in the story, I'm sure, this panel does seem to have Booster Gold representing[...]
Unveiling The Cover To Viz Comic's The Cleveland Steamer (VIDEO)
Viz Comic has been going for thirty years, with comic strips satirising every aspect of British life, playing off the styles of children's comics from the creators' respective childhoods. Every year they release compilation annuals of some of the year's best work, each collection given a euphemistic title This year's volume entitled The Cleveland Steamer refers[...]