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Alex Rider: Sony Pictures Television Adapting Anthony Horowitz's Teen Superspy for Television
Credit: Walker Books Twelve years after Alex Rider made his feature film debut comes word that Anthony Horowitz's teen superspy is heading to television as an eight-episode series, courtesy of Sony Pictures Television's (SPT) International Production and Worldwide Distribution. Eleventh Hour Films (EHF) optioned the screen rights to Horowitz's novels in 2017, and will work directly with both SPT[...]
Anthony Horowitz Writing A Victorian Superhero Film For Disney
Anthony Horowitz is known for his Alex Rider, Diamond Brothers and Power Of Five novels, and now the new Moriarty novel and new James Bond novels, as well as creating TV shows Foyle's War, Collision and Injustice… And he's also working on a screenplay He told Afternoon Edition on BBC Five Live radio station this afternoon that[...]
Anthony Horowitz Responds To Philip Morris Over Doctor Who Showrunner Rumours
Yesterday, as part of a series of Facebook posts in which Doctor Who Missing Episode recoverer Philip Morris talked trash about Steven Moffat's run on the show, Morris reported what he claimed were well sourced rumours regarding Moffat's replacement on Doctor Who as showrunner, namely Anthony Horowitz. He then tweeted the rumour to UK journalists on[...]
Professor Cuthbert Calculus Confirmed For Tintin Sequel, Here's A Shortlist Of Titles
Screenwriter Anthony Horowitz responded to a question on Twitter with a hint about what fans of the first movie might expect to see in the sequel. Calculus first appeared in Red Rackham's Treasure, and went on to appear in Destination Moon, Explorers On The Moon, The Calculus Affair, Flight 714, The Castafiore Emerald, Prisoners of the Sun, The[...]