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Aphrodite V #1 cover by Jeff Spokes
Her name is Aphrodite, and Martin is fascinated by her. Aphrodite V #1 cover by Jeff Spokes Martin Carver is the main protagonist of Aphrodite V #1 and is framed as nothing but intelligent and well meaning throughout the comic I can't help but find this fascinating, because he's a Robocop villain His company is practically OCP,[...]
Top Cow Launches Aphrodite V by Bryan Hill and Jeff Spokes in July
Top Cow and Image Comics are launching an Aphrodite V series this Summer, from writer Bryan Hill and artist Jeff Spokes Hitting stores in July, Aphrodite V offers a simple and universal premise: "One machine wants to destroy the city Another has come to save it Only one will survive." And according to Hill, the[...]
How To Get Investigated By The FBI And Other News From The Top Cow Panel (Updated)
Art will be courtesy of "a female Scandinavian artist." The main character, described as the greatest military mind of her generation, will be acting internationally this time around and training a team of proteges for her new taskmasters. "Aphrodite V [5]" is returning as is classic character "The Magdalena," the later described as the company's "John[...]
Mercy, Aphrodite V, Mechanism And Swing Coming From Top Cow, Announced At Wondercon
The first five issues of Mechanism are already completed. Then there is Aphrodite V, a new series in late 2016/early 2017 by Bryan Hill and Jeffrey Spokes This is a series that takes place after Cyber-Force Rebirth and the Cyber-Force:Artifacts Line Webtoons free online series: (http://www.webtoons.com/en/action/cyberforce/list?title_no=531) It's set in the near present[...]