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Viz Media Releases July 2021 Solicitations
The bandit Aza Chobe and Gabimaru the Hollow have the best  chances of beating the enemy, but they may pay a dear price for their victory! On Sale Date     July 20, 2021 Age Rating          Mature  Price USA          $12.99 "Asadora" cover art, Viz Media Asadora!, Vol[...]
Asadora! Vol. 1: Naoki Urusawa’s Heroine in the Age of Kaiju
Asadora! is Naoki Urusawa's latest series, and a new Urusawa is always an event Urusawa is the closest Japan has to an Alan Moore, a deconstructionist who examines culture through pop tropes Asadora! Is about a girl who grows up in an era of giant monster attacks and becomes a legend in her own right. Asadora![...]