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The Commando Director Asif Akbar on Inspiration Behind Film & Casting
PTSD is a subject near and dear to director Asif Akbar tackling the subject in a few films, including his latest action thriller in The Commando Conceiving the idea with his writing partners Al Bravo and Koji Steven Sakai, he wanted to focus on a home invasion story, in this case, a DEA agent (Michael[...]
The Commando: Jeff Fahey Talks Action Film, Veterans & Lawnmower Man
I spoke to the actor about working with writer/director Asif Akbar, his efficiency on set filming his scenes in two days, his co-stars, and reflecting on the 1992 revolutionary sci-fi horror cult classic The Lawnmower Man. Jeff Fahey in The Commando (2022) Image courtesy of Saban Films "Before I even read the script when Elias [Axume] produced[...]
The Commando: Michael Jai White Talks Action Film, PTSD & Co-Stars
I spoke with White about working with writer and director Asif Akbar, learning firsthand from family members dealing with PTSD and his co-stars. Michael Jai White in The Commando (2022) Image courtesy of Saban Films "Asif is a real balanced director," White said "I really thought the material was quite responsible for the fact that it brought[...]