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The Best-Selling Comic Of 2015 Has Just Been Scheduled
And the French comic book marketplace will rejoice. Their second book together, following 2013's Asterix And The Picts, the script has already been written and is being drawn right now There has currently been no name, plot, characters, theme or art revealed But to the millions who buy every Asterix volume around the world, this is hardly[...]
Front Cover Art To This Year's Biggest Selling Comic Revealed
The front cover art for Asterix and the Picts, out in three weeks, the first Asterix book not to be drawn by Albert Uderzo, with a print run in French alone of two million, now expected to sell out on the first week of sale. There was a lot of fuss over Infinity #1 having a[...]
The First Image From This Year's Biggest Selling Graphic Novel
Asterix And The Picts by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, will be set in Scotland and overseen by Albert Uderzo, who designed the Pict in question's kilt in the manner of a racing flag… out in October The first print in French alone will be seven figures…   [youtube][/youtube] [...]