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New Wave Toys Announces The Launch Of Asteroids X RepliCade Cabinet
RepliCade revealed this week a new playable, limited edition, 12-inch-tall replica arcade cabinet of Atari's legendary classic Asteroids Much like other replica arcade cabinets they have made in the past, this is about as authentic as you can get as they have recreated two variants of the models you would find when they were brand[...]
New Wave Toys Reveals Asteroids Mini Arcade Cabinet
New Wave Toys revealed a brand new mini arcade cabinet today as they are giving the miniature treatment to Asteroids In partnership with RepliCade and Atari, they have created a 12-inch-tall replica of the legendary arcade classic, fully playable, and detailed down to the stickers on the side This is designed to match the cabinets[...]
Arcade1Up E3 2018-1
Below you'll see cabinets that for classics like Centipede, Final Fight, Asteroids, and Rampage And if you're an arcade enthusiast, each one is broken down into pieces so you can build them yourselves Standard arcade cabinets come in a variety of prices depending on the quality, but Arcade1Up's systems are around $400, which is a[...]
IDW To Make Tabletop Games From Classic Atari Titles
Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter) and his hand-picked crew of developers will be bringing forth tabletop versions of Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command Each game will play differently and include elements of the classic arcade releases.   "Atari is one of the hallmarks of our generation," says Jerry Bennington, VP of New Product Development "We're honored with[...]
Dynamite Announces New Art of Atari Poster Collection
The poster book is curated by Tim Lapetino, the author of the Art of Atari, and features images from classic titles like Centipede, Asteroids, Missile Command and Swordquest. "I'm thrilled that we are able to make the classic artwork of Atari available to fans and art aficionados in a new form," Lapetino says "It's great to be[...]
Dynamite Tuesday: The Art Of Atari Deluxe Edition To Include 100 Games
The initial response and orders for the book were outstanding, spurring Dynamite to offer up a Deluxe Edition with some added perks. The book already offered a whopping 350+ pages of insightful history and high-resolution scanned artwork from hundreds of production/concept illustrations, photographs, video game packaging, and groundbreaking advertisements from the height of Atari's innovation and popularity. Now, for[...]