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Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Will Have Transgender Characters
The first being Rowling's own comments on transgendered people, and the second being that Troy Leavitt, senior producer at developer Avalanche Software was outed by U.K journalist Liam Robertson who revealed several videos made by Leavitt with views going after feminism, social justice, and other topics The latter happening just a few weeks ago, which[...]
Live Out Your Harry Potter Dreams in Open-World Hogwarts Legacy
If you've ever wanted to live in the world of Harry Potter, you'll want to keep an eye out for Avalanche Software and Portkey Games' upcoming Hogwarts Legacy It's the first open-world Harry Potter game of its kind, and it's headed to next-gen platforms as of next year We got our first look at the[...]
Disney Infinity Has Been Cancelled
The toys-to-life game will get two more sets, surrounding Alice Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory, but that will be it. Avalanche Software are also being shut down with 300 jobs being lost. It's been announced that Disney are looking to move away from console development too, but will still licence out their properties to other[...]