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When The Mighty Fall – A Review Of Axiom
Legendary Comics has put out their first superhero story, Axiom by Mark Waid and Ed Benes I just finished reading it and it reminded me a lot of a DC Elseworlds story It would be a very good one because of the twist I want to be able to talk about the twist… but what[...]
Axiom Gets Bigger As It Hits The Shelves
It's called Axiom and the tagline is "When humanity's savior becomes its worst nightmare." Not bad, eh? Kind of gives that, "What if Superman had gone evil?" feel At the time it was listed at 130 pages for $19.99 and we had some interior pages but no cover Now, five months later, we have a[...]
Legendary's First Superhero Comic Is By Mark Waid And Ed Benes – Axiom!
With a new superhero comic book that might seem a little familiar to the untrained eye, called Axiom But he seems to have someone with him… And Waid is working with longtime DC Comics artist Ed Benes. The solicit reads A genre-breaking superhero story from Mark Waid, the writer of Kingdom Come, with art by fan-favorite artist Ed[...]