Kieron Dwyers LCD &#8211 Banned From UK and Canada

Kieron Dwyer's LCD – Banned From UK and Canada?

Collects LCD: LOWEST COMIC DENOMINATOR #0-3 (4 issues) [caption id="attachment_1228505" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Kieron Dwyer's LCD - Banned From Canadian and UK Comic Stores?[/caption]  Kieron Dwyer has three upcoming books from Image Comics, his collection of Trump-related stripes Unpresidented, a hardcover reprint of Last of the Independents graphic novel written by Matt Fraction and the third[...]

Netflix Releases Govt-Demanded TV Show/Movie Pull List: Germanys Living Dead Problem Saudi Arabias Not In on Hasan Minhajs Patriot Act &#038 More

Netflix Releases Gov't-Demanded TV Show/Movie Pull List: Germany's "Living Dead" Problem; Saudi Arabia's Not In on Hasan Minhaj's "Patriot Act" & More

Officials complained that Minhaj made unfair accusations against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (aka MBS) and his role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.● 2019: The Last Temptation of Christ, banned in Singapore - removed after written demand from the IMDA.● 2018: Cooking on High, The Legend of 420, and Disjointed removed in Singapore[...]

Jeff Smiths Bone Was The Tenth Most Banned Book For 2013

Jeff Smith's Bone Was The Tenth Most Banned Book For 2013

In 2010, there was an attempt by a mother in Minnesota to get the all-ages comic Bone banned in state-run libraries due to scenes of smoking and drinking.It failed.Was that that? Well no, there was a move to have the series moved from one recommended age range to another in Texas.But that wasn't enough, apparently.Here's[...]

The Boys Banned In Qatar

The Boys Banned In Qatar

Patricia Donohue writes to Bleeding Cool; Garth Ennis is banned from Doha.Well his comics are.I recently ordered 11 volumes of The Boys and got it sent to me through Aramex I’ve lived in the Middle East long enough to know that was stupid, but I’ve also ordered truckloads of comics and never had a problem before[...]

Black Kiss 2 Now Also Banned In Canada

Black Kiss 2 Now Also Banned In Canada

Bleeding Cool has comprehensively covered how Diamond UK have decided not to distribute Black Kiss 2 in the UK after its first issue, over fears of actions by HM Customs that would delay all the comics being distributed in this fashion. We've now learned that Canada too will also not be receiving the comic book […]