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Is It Time To Start Lining Up For World's Finest #10 Yet?
World's Finest #10 follows on directly from Batman Inc #8. It has already sold out at a distributor level Shops can't order any more It will likely to have been ordered at a much lower level than Batman Inc #8. Basically, if you want a copy… Start lining up no World's Finest #10 follows on directly from[...]
Batman Inc 8
Andrew Mertes writes; Batman is all business this week, with Batman Incorporated taking up the top slots in the most sales charts The Uncanny X-Men follow closely behind, while Injustice: Gods Among Us continues its amazing trend of strong sales Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy makes strong innovations in… numerology, with the rather bizarre numbering of[...]
Now Every New 52 DC Comic Spoils Batman Inc #8
You don't even look at the cover of Batman Inc #8 because you've heard itself that it might be spoilery But, before you read the comic, you read Flash instead. We may have to spoil the ending of that issue as well, but not now. Because in the Channel 52 bit at the end of Flash… it[...]
Speculator Corner (Warning: Batman Inc #8 Spoilers)
But when has that ever stopped Bleeding Cool? Because, whatever happens in Batman Inc #8, Batman will need a Robin And there seems to be pretty much one candidate outstanding A certain Harper Row First appearance for a panel in the DC New 52 Batman #1, a longer appearance in Batman #7, a more significant story[...]
The Death In Death Of The Family? Sunday Trending Topics
What could be happening in Batman Inc #8? Batman Incorporated #8 is expected to cause to media storm, and retailers have been advised by DC Comics to increase their orders But what could it be? Here are are the solicitations for issue 8, and the subsequent issues 12 will be Grant Morrison's final issue, and the[...]
Grant Morrison Puts Barbara Gordon Back In The Wheelchair In Batman Inc
In today's Batman Inc, we go to the future One we've previously glimpsed in which The Joker takes his ultimate revenge on Batman A real end times story for the book, and its a future which the current day Batman is tryingto avoid. But one of the character twists is exactly what has happened to Barbara[...]
Batman Inc #0 Still Coming Out In September. Nemesis, Not So Much.
So retailers have been asked to hold onto Batman Incorporated #3 for a month over issues of content suitability following the Aurora shootings. And now retailers have been told that #4, intended for August won't be coming out until October A two month delay! But some haven't realised this is partially because Batman Incorporated #0, scheduled for[...]
Friday Runaround – Finally The Media Notices Comics
MediaWatch: It seems the Batman Inc #3 holding news has finally reached the rest of the media, though only the NY Post seems to want to run the actual scene that caused the problem… MediaWatch2: Oh and the Comics Accelerator comics-only Kickstarter wannabee is also getting mainstream press a week after the news hit the comics[...]
The Panels From Batman Inc #3 That May Have Been The Issue
Little Bleeder Doc Hurt writes with the accompanied shots from Batman Inc #3, to be held at comic stores tomorrow for a month due to concerns regarding sensitivity The second image below is likely to be more of a spoiler He writes; Batman INC got delayed over sensitivity issues Most retailers got the book today and[...]