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Nailed It! Season 2: Cobra Cakes, Humpty Dumpty 'Roid Rage and More! (BC REWIND)
This is a baking competition still, right? And beofre I forget…how do you mess up Pigs in a Blanket?!? Having to recreate a "BBQ Grill Cake," one of the contestants got so carried away getting her frustration out on a pan that she broke a spatula. Netflix Episode 4 "Holi-daze" Everything you need to know is in this line:[...]
Nerd Food: Smoke BBQ is the Perfect Way to Ring in Summer
There's something about BBQ and warm June afternoons that make me feel like a kid again Usually I just grill at home, but currently I don't own grill Luckily for me, Smoke in Cockeysville, MD makes some damn good BBQ. This modern American BBQ restaurant has two locations in Maryland — the aforementioned Cockeysville location, as[...]