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A Deadly Bee Weapon... My God! in this Ant-Man #1 First Look Preview
Marvel is launching a new Ant-Man series this February, but how do you up the ante (no pun intended) for a character who's already starred in two major motion pictures? The answer is simple: by adding ants' natural enemy: bees That's what we see in this first look preview of Ant-Man #1… As Scott Lang does[...]
American Horror Story Season 7: Cults, Colton and Twisty the Clown
American Horror Story: Cult, Season 7 for FX's horror anthology,and one of our favorites so far. Using the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections as a backdrop, the season avoided supernatural elements to show how monstrous we can be just being human; and how once person's "cult" can be another person's freedom.