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which, considering Declan is Irish, lived in Ireland and the graphic novel is set in Ireland, is slightly unfortunate. But Shalvey does point out that one comic book store already has its copies, Bleeding Cool-favourite store Big Bang Comics in Dublin In his newsletter, Shalvey states, While the book was due to be released last week but[...]
Industry In Revolt As More Retailers Boycott Marvel Lenticular Covers
Online retailer MMComics said they would be ordering all of the covers, claiming they could "comfortably" offer all the covers even though the buy-in was "steep." But with Final Order Cutoff for the covers approaching tomorrow, more stores are entering into open revolt. Across the narrow sea in Ireland, Big Bang Comics declared their intentions to[...]
Get A Big Bang Out Of Thunder Girl and Knight Watchman Comics
While I love my big, mainstream super-hero comics from companies like DC Comics or Image Comics or Marvel Comics, a big part of the reason that I am drawn to indie and micropress comics is because of the clear love for their material that they bring to their books. Last week a couple of collections reprinting[...]
The Return Of Big Bang Comics With Big Bang Universe
Big Bang Comics first appeared in 1994, with a five issue mini-series from Caliber Comics Two years later the second series came out from Image Comics, helped by the fact that co-creator Gary Carlson first published Savage Dragon and Youngblood in his Megaton Comics anthology, The series ran intermittedly from 1993 until 2001, concluding with a Big Bang Comics[...]