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So What Did Billy Tucci Say Anyway?

So What Did Billy Tucci Say About The Coronavirus Anyway?

Billy Tucci, comic book creator of Shi, posted the following on Facebook, PUBLIC POST for those assuming I posted that COVID-19 is a media driven hoax:I NEVER DID and your assumptions are wrong I posted that the pandemic is very real, very concerning and that we should be diligent and hygienically safe As the husband to[...]

Unboxing Billy Tucci's Hokusai Justice League in Loot Crate's Squad

but I did like to see Billy Tucci's Justice League take on “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai again Originally used as a variant cover on Justice League #15 in 2012, part of the New 52.. does that fit Loot Crate's exclusive remit?Apparently this was the November Squad Crate that finally made it across,[...]

Comic Book Depot Unlocks The Potential Of Halloween ComicFest

My favorite part of the print?  Comic Book Depot itself was incorporated into the image making the print truly unique and special to the event.  Chen was kind enough to do a beautiful sketch of Nova to add to my book. Billy Tucci and his son Matthew were sketching and signing together.  The artist on[...]

Ethan Van Sciver Lost His Facebook Page

Van Sciver was pretty happy the guy was gone.Now, I come across this post by Billy Tucci: My friends, in the spirit of Freedom please help liberate one of our most beloved of all Americans Ethan Van Sciver was heinously targeted by a hateful troll and had his Facebook page suspended Please go to the page[...]

What's So Silly About "Lazerman?"

And after publishing the first book in 2008, we found more than a few people who agreed.Billy Tucci, creator of “Shi” offered to do a variant cover for our first Lazerman kickstarter last year, calling Lazerman “the most refreshing title to come out in the last couple of decades.” Mini-Marvels artist Chris Giarrusso also jumped[...]

Cammy's Covers – From Amazing Spider-Man to Mara

I’m simply in love with Doyle’s style, and this cover definitely pleases my eyes.  Justice League #15 (Variant) by Billy Tucci & Hi-FiOne of my all-time favorite pieces of Japanese art is The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai I think it’s the claws in the whitecaps that gets me[...]

Retailer, Artists Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Do-gooders don't always wear flashy costumes, brand catchy names or have special powers. But, retailers like Comic Fusion are doing their part to help lives, nonetheless. Hosting their sixth annual "Super Hero Weekend," October 6-7th, Comic Fusion will be raising money for SAFE in Hunterdon, New Jersey, a non-profit organization providing services to victims of […]