The Top Shelf Three Dollar Graphic Sale Begins Right Now, Right Here

I should stop before I just name them all, but I encourage you to have a browse below.The sale runs until September 26th. Oh and $8 for a plush Owly? How can you not?Here's the info:************************************************************* FREE WITH EVERY ORDER! *************************************************************Top Shelf Kids Club -- 2014 (FCBD)$0.50 $0.01 (US) Add to Cart Maddy Kettle -- POSTER$1.00 $0.01 (US) Add to Cart************************************************************* DISCOUNTED DEBUTS NOT TO MISS –[...]

Getting The Kids To Read Comics – Findings From A 'Great Experiment' In The Classroom

We also debated whether or not his graphic novel should be considered an historical work.  In dealing with comics and censorship (as well as autobiography), we read and discussed Blankets Many students were shocked that so many graphic novels had faced recent censorship challenges As to the content of Blankets, there was widespread consensus on[...]