Blood Queen

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Okay, so it's been gone a while. A mix of conventions, surgery and seeing to the kids during the summer holiday. But X Thoughts About X Comics is back… so how about we start looking at today's comics on a positive note? Or… possibly not. Bobby Drake there in Uncanny X-Men, showing why he is […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – The Blood Queen #1 By Brownfield And Casas

To continue to promote their new DRM-free digital comics, Dynamite has sent us the full first issue of The Blood Queen written by Troy Brownfield and art by Fritz Casas. It's a unique tale the crosses the historical serial killer Elizabeth Bathory and a fairy tale setting. For more on the Blood Queen series, click […]

Script 2 Art – The Process Behind The Blood Queen Annual

Some of you may have picked up on my name on the Dynamite solicitations for the Blood Queen Annual coming out next month. I did a 16-page back-up story focusing on the Knight of Purity which was a lot of fun to write. Well, as the pages started coming in, I got permission to show […]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Female Lead Comics For November

We have an exclusive first look at Dynamite's female lead comics coming out this November including The Blood Queen, Dawn/Vampirella, Red Sonja and Vampirella's Feary Tales. THE BLOOD QUEEN #6 Writer: Troy Brownfield Art: Fritz Casas Covers: Jay Anacleto, Yonami Final Issue! You knew it was coming. A decision is going to be made. Kingdoms will be […]

Writer's Commentary – Troy Brownfield On Blood Queen #2

Troy Brownfield is the writer on the new Dynamite series, The Blood Queen. The series is a fantasy re-do on the historical character of Elizabeth Bathory. Here Troy goes through the second issue giving us his writer's commentary. Greetings and welcome back! Nice to see you all again; I'm sure you look fit and well-dressed. […]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's October Covers – Horror And Dynamite Icons

Once more we've got an exclusive first look at the solicitations and covers for Dynamite's upcoming books in October before anyone else. This group they called Horror and Dynamite Icons. I see Army of Darkness, Bob's Burgers, Red Sonja, Chaos, Vampirella, Twilight Zone, Steampunk BSG and Blood Queen. A  -Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Blood Queen #1

Once more we have the preceding issue to a book on sale this week. This time it's Dynamite's Blood Queen #1 written by Troy Brownfield and art by Fritz Casa. This series takes the historical figure Elizabeth Bathory, some of the legend that surrounds her and makes a new fantasy series with swords, political intrigue, […]

Writer's Commentary – Troy Brownfield On Blood Queen #1

Writer's Commentary for Dynamite's Blood Queen #1 by Troy Brownfield Greetings and welcome! The fact that you've chosen to spend your time reading this writer's commentary reveals you as either a person of excellent taste and character or someone that has too much time on their hands at work. Either way, I hope you enjoy […]

Brownfield And Casas Get Bloody – Blood Queen #1 Coming Soon

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a new series from writer Troy Brownfield and artist Fritz Casas. The series, Blood Queen is a cross between a dark fairy tale and the historical figure of Elizabeth Bathory – The Bloody Countess. "I'm really excited to be working on Blood Queen for Dynamite," says Troy Brownfield, perhaps best known […]