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3 New Images From 'Hellboy', Including The Blood Queen!
No boobs though. There were also two brand-new posters released for Big Red, which feature an up close look at David Harbour as the title character: Just yesterday, we found out the film will be rated R, for "strong bloody violence and gore throughout, and language." David Harbour stars as Big Red, Milla Jovovich as Nimue the Blood Queen, Ian McShane as[...]
Milla Jovovich's Nimue The Blood Queen from 'Hellboy' and More
logo, Rasputin doing his thing with some Nazis (seriously, will he never learn?), and our first look at Milla Jovovich as Nimue the Blood Queen: Nimue, the Blood Queen: As a comparison, here's Nimue's comic-look: Reception for the trailer was mixed, to say the least While maybe the tone wasn't what fans were expecting,[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Dynamite Fantasy: Blood Queen #1
To go with their new Groupees bundle, Dynamite has sent over Blood Queen #1 free for you to read The whole six-issue series by Troy Brownfield and Fritz Casas is included in the new digital comics deal with part of the proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund For those not familiar with[...]
Latest Dynamite / Groupees Deal Features Game Of Thrones
Part of the proceeds from the sales go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers. The promotion is at the following website location: The "Dynamite Fantasy Featuring A Game of Thrones"[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Blood Queen, Captain Victory And Pathfinder
For your Friday night enjoyment we have three free comics starting with Blood Queen #1, Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers #1 and Pathfinder: City of Secrets #2 from Dynamite Entertainment These are some of the many recent titles on sale this weekend at Comixology and of course are available at your local comic shops[...]
Writer's Commentary – Blood Queen Vs. Dracula #4 By Troy Brownfield
Blood Queen vs Dracula #4 Writer's Commentary by Troy Brownfield Here we are again, this time for the last time on this particular mini I'm Troy Brownfield, writer of Blood Queen vs Dracula The artist is Kewber Baal, the colorist is Kirsty Swan, and the letterer was Marshall Dillon The original editor was Molly Mahan, and[...]
Writer's Commentary – Blood Queen Vs. Dracula #3 With Troy Brownfield
Blood Queen vs Dracula #3 Writer's Commentary By Troy Brownfield Greetings and welcome back! Nice to see you all again I'm Troy Brownfield, writer of Blood Queen vs Dracula from Dynamite We're here to talk about issue 3, which comes to you from me, artist Kewber Baal, colorist Kirsty Swan, and letterer Marshall Dillon Let's go! Overview: At[...]
Blood Queen Vs. Dracula Process Art By Jay Anacleto And Kewber Baal
Blood Queen Vs Dracula #3 hit comic shops today and Dynamite has sent us some of the process art for the issue by Kewber Baal and colorist Kirsty Swan They also sent the cover by Jay Anacleto and colorist Ivan Nunes The series is being written by Troy Brownfield. The gloves come off as Dracula lays[...]
"The Even Redder Wedding" – Troy Brownfield Talks Blood Queen Vs Dracula
Troy Brownfield talks to Byron Brewer about the final issue of Blood Queen Vs Dracula for Dynamite and how he feels after combining two characters he worked on in the past Covers by Jay Anacleto and Fabiano Neves BYRON BREWER: Well, Troy, this mini is reaching its conclusion with #4 in June Are you satisfied with the[...]
Exclusive First Look At The Women Of Dynamite Books Shipping In June
These include the final issues of Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorror and Blood Queen vs Dracula and a Vampirella statue based on the art of J Scott Campbell. LADY RAWHIDE / LADY ZORRO #4 (OF 4) Cover: Joyce Chin Writer: Shannon Eric Denton Art: Rey Villegas In the snowy mountains north of Los Angeles, Lady Rawhide and Lady[...]
Blood Queen Vs Dracula #1 Writer's Commentary By Troy Brownfield
Blood Queen vs Dracula #1 Writer's Commentary by Troy Brownfield Greetings again, citizens of Bleeding Cool Troy Brownfield here, back to offer some commentary of the follow-up to last year's The Blood Queen, Blood Queen vs Dracula The first issue hit shelves Wednesday from Dynamite, and it comes to you from me, artist Kewber Baal, colorist Kirsty[...]
Exclusive First Look At The Women Of Dynamite Books Shipping In May
The titles include Frank Cho's Jungle Girl: Season Three, Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorror, Vampirella and Blood Queen vs Dracula. JUNGLE GIRL: SEASON THREE #2 (OF 4) Cover: Frank Cho Writer: Frank Cho, Doug Murray Art: Jack Jadson The beginning of the End!  Creatures from the hovering flying saucer (you'd better check out issue #1 to see where[...]
Exclusive First Look At The Women Of Dynamite For April 2015
Included here are Red Sonja: Vulture's Circle, Vampirella, Lady Rawhide / Lady Zorro and Blood Queen vs Dracula. VAMPIRELLA #11 Covers: Mike Mayhew and Jenny Frison Writer: Nancy A Collins Art: Patrick Berkenkotter ON SALE DATE: April 1 The identity of the third conspirator behind Dr Faustus' insane plot to free The Accursed from their immortality by destroying the[...]
Blood Will Flow – The Blood Queen Vs Dracula
Combining the new with the classics… Dynamite is taking one of their recent creations, The Blood Queen and putting her up against the original vampire, Dracula In this four-part miniseries written by Troy Brownfield and drawn by Kewber Baal, the Prince of Darkness meets up with Elizabeth Bathory. In Blood Queen Vs Dracula, the Prince of Darkness[...]
Writer's Commentary – Troy Brownfield On The Blood Queen #6
The Blood Queen #6: Writer's Commentary by Troy Brownfield Greetings, Bleeders! Thanks one last time for stopping by As usual, I want to point out the other creators on this book: artist Fritz Casas, colorist Kirsty Swan, letterer Marshall Dillon, editor Molly Mahan, cover artists Jay Anacleto and Yonami, and the Lords of the Upper Kindgom, Joseph[...]
Troy Brownfield Does Reddit AMA About His Work And Blood Queen
Troy Brownfield, writer of the Blood Queen series for Dynamite among other works did a r/comicbooks AMA the other day and we have some of the highlights. For someone unfamiliar with your work, how can you sell me on it? The first thing I would ask is: What do you typically like to read? I've done a[...]
47 Thoughts About 46 Comics – Axis, Game Of Thrones, Superman Unchained, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Bloodshot, Suicide Risk, Fairy Quest, Garfield, Fiction Squad, Hulk, American Legends, Artifacts, Life After Logan, Weapon X Program, Dr Mirage, Regular Show, Eternal Warrior, Woods, Empty Man, God Hates Astronauts, Ghost Fleet, Day Men, Gotham Academy, Amazing World Of Gumball, Grayson, Over The Garden Wall, Real Heroes, Nailbiter, Velvet, Cloaks, Futures End, Penny Dora, Lil Vampirella, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Green Arrow, Lobo, Turok, Robocop, Worlds End, Chew, John Carter, Blood Queen, Jennifer Blood And Solar
Something it shares in common with this week's Velvet with, again, the most gorgeously illustrated cars. And hey, you can still eat Chinese in the trunk, but you might not want to use… what was it Chew? Exactly. It's entertaining to see John Carter: Warlord Of Mars #1 , published in accordance wit Edgar Burroughs' estate, with an[...]
28 Thoughts About 28 Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Kung Fu Bible Classics, Batman Eternal, The Death Of Wolverine, Blood Queen, Dejah Mars, Hawkeye Vs Deadpool, Avengers World, Moon Knight, Southern Bastards, Star-Lord, Miracleman, God Is Dead, Extinction Parade, Uber, Alice Cooper, Chaos, Ex Con, Mars Attacks, Indestructible, My Little Pony, Red Sonja, Rogue Trooper, Turok, Squidder, Twilight Zone, Silent Hill and Angry Birds
As well as that Medusa pinup from Art Adams… The Death Of Wolverine piles on the homoeroticism even more than usual in the first issue. Something Blood Queen #4 joins in on Lots of backside covering it seems, for some reason And looking at language… Here's that moment in Dejah Mars #4 when it feels like daytime TV has been having[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – The Blood Queen #1 By Brownfield And Casas
To continue to promote their new DRM-free digital comics, Dynamite has sent us the full first issue of The Blood Queen written by Troy Brownfield and art by Fritz Casas It's a unique tale the crosses the historical serial killer Elizabeth Bathory and a fairy tale setting. For more on the Blood Queen series, click here. [...]
Script 2 Art – The Process Behind The Blood Queen Annual
Some of you may have picked up on my name on the Dynamite solicitations for the Blood Queen Annual coming out next month I did a 16-page back-up story focusing on the Knight of Purity which was a lot of fun to write Well, as the pages started coming in, I got permission to show[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Female Lead Comics For November
We have an exclusive first look at Dynamite's female lead comics coming out this November including The Blood Queen, Dawn/Vampirella, Red Sonja and Vampirella's Feary Tales. THE BLOOD QUEEN #6 Writer: Troy Brownfield Art: Fritz Casas Covers: Jay Anacleto, Yonami Final Issue! You knew it was coming A decision is going to be made[...]
Writer's Commentary – Troy Brownfield On Blood Queen #2
Troy Brownfield is the writer on the new Dynamite series, The Blood Queen The series is a fantasy re-do on the historical character of Elizabeth Bathory Here Troy goes through the second issue giving us his writer's commentary. Greetings and welcome back! Nice to see you all again; I'm sure you look fit and well-dressed[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's October Covers – Horror And Dynamite Icons
I see Army of Darkness, Bob's Burgers, Red Sonja, Chaos, Vampirella, Twilight Zone, Steampunk BSG and Blood Queen. A  -Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #4 – Grand Finale! Is there anything more romantic than the sound of wedding bells and a revving chainsaw?  The happy union of timelost bad-ass Ashley J Williams and lovely maiden Sheila[...]
47 Thoughts About 47 Comics – Walking Dead, Scooby Doo, Amazing, 2099 And 100th Anniversary Spider-Man, All-New And Amazing X-Men, Superior Foes, Black Dynamite, Detective Comics, Wolverine, Death Vigil,  Maxx, X-Force, Futures End, Ghosted, Transformers, Superman/Wonder Woman, New Suicide Squad, Usagi Yojimbo, Judge Dredd, Infinity Man, Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Spread, Royals, Rise Of The Magi, Armor Hunters, Rai, Star Trek, X, Terminator x2, Star Wars, Eery, Great Pacific, Abe Sapien, Angry Birds, Warlord Of Mars, Blood Queen, Pathfinder, Turok, Shutter, Magnus, Doc Savage, Chastity, Robotech/Voltron And Wolverine
You have to balance the quids and the pros. A bit like Blood Queen #2 is doing, which is basically saying "I don't care if he's actually twat as long as he has a penis and a passable veneer." Not that uncommon an attitude Thank goodness. Don't you hate it like in Pathfinder, when you are talking to[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Blood Queen #1
This time it's Dynamite's Blood Queen #1 written by Troy Brownfield and art by Fritz Casa This series takes the historical figure Elizabeth Bathory, some of the legend that surrounds her and makes a new fantasy series with swords, political intrigue, beautiful women and blood magic. The first issue is described as: A new dark fantasy epic[...]