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DC Comics Teases Return Of Bloodwork For The Flash Season 9
With Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe, at ARGUS Headquarters, with a repurposed Samuroid, now renamed The Rogue Roid for replicating Flash rogue attacks, and putting Tinya Wazzo, the Phantom Girl, through her paces. Stuff goes down, as an escape plan kicks off, so the suit has to be used for more aggressive purposes than just[...]
Cover to Flash #31 by Neil Googe and Ivan Plascencia
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Flash #31 variant cover by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi The Flash battles the villain Bloodwork, a former CCPD coroner named Ramsey Rosso His blood is spreading throughout Central City, and the Flash must stop him and hope that his Negative Speed Force powers don't take out the city in the process. This is a nice climax[...]