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Orbital In Conversation With Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross

By Chris Thompson [audio:] With Sepideh Jodeyri & Miss Lasko-Gross… After last week's chat with Dave Gibbons (which you can still listen to here), this time I shine the spotlight on two incredible & inspiring women: Sepideh Jodeyri (Persian translator of Blue Is The Warmest Colour) and Miss Lasko-Gross (creator of the graphic novel, Henni, […]

Pop Culture Hounding Julie Maroh & Blue Is The Warmest Color

We learn that Julie Maroh is working on her third book and knows what the fourth will be. Chris Thompson will be hosting a discussion with her at Orbital Comics on November 7th. [audio:] Chris Thompson writes; After talking Write or Wrong with Dirk Manning last week (which you can listen to here) and discussing […]

Casting Roundup: Downton Abbey Stars Continue Their Big Screen Takeover

Fact: At least half of all upcoming movies will have someone from Downton Abbey in the cast, as evidenced by today's roundup. • Blue is the Warmest Color breakout star Adele Exarchopoulos has lined up her next gig. Sara Forestier, an actress who had her own breakout thanks to Blue's controversial director Abdellatif Kechiche's Love […]

Friday Runaround – From The Daily Show To The Northampton Herald

Being an employer this year is like being a girl at Comic Con. It doesn't matter how offensively inaccurate your pre-Crisis Of Infinite Earth Supergirl costume is, you're not going home alone. It's all about the headband John, you've got to get it just right – John Hodgman, The Daily Show, 19th September 2013. WHAT […]