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Amazing Spider-Man #795 cover by Alex Ross
Meanwhile, Aunt May calls Bobbi Morse for lunch with her and Peter not knowing that they have broken up Elsewhere, Loki looks to summon Spider-Man to settle an old debt. Amazing Spider-Man #795 cover by Alex Ross Yes, I'm back on this one I've expressed my displeasure with the current Amazing Spider-Man before, but this one's going[...]
Will We See Bobbi Morse And Lance Hunter On Agents Of SHIELD Again?
If you're a fan of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and have been thinking that with Phil Coulson in charge again, maybe we'll see the return of Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter… go ahead and stop thinking about that Executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen told  One can only dream That's always on our minds. EP Jed Whedon added: Once[...]
Six Important Moments In Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – Parting Shot
This episode jumps around in time a lot, starting with Bobbi Morse being interrogated then jumping back to when they first start tracking Gideon Malick in Russia I'm going to try and hit the important moments in chronological order. 1 – Morse and Lance Hunter hit the ground and start tracking Malick, which leads to them[...]
Mockingbird Wants A Cheeseburger
In a clip from tonight's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird is being interrogated by Interpol inside of Moscow about the death of three high-ranking Russian officials She is silent through most of it, until asked if she has anything to say for herself… to which she asks for a cheeseburger, with mayo![...]
Synopsis Released For Mockingbird / Hunter Spinoff Marvel's Most Wanted
The series is said to star Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse and Nick Blood as Lance Hunter her ex-spouse as well as another Marvel character Dominic Fortune played by Delroy Lindo The pilot is expected to air later in 2016… MARVEL'S MOST WANTED (aka Mockingbird) STUDIO: Marvel Television TEAM: Jeffrey Bell (w, ep), Paul Zbyszewski (w, ep), Jeph Loeb[...]
New SHIELD Promo Gives Away Spoiler
**** This post has a spoiler for tonight's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD **** . . Okay, this is a clip from tonight's episode where we see an angry agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) taking on Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird (Adrianne Palicki) There is something May says in the clip though that is a spoiler So choose now if[...]
"The Ones That Got Away" – A Sneak Peek At Agents Of SHIELD
In this sneak peek for the next episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Afterlife, we see Robert Gonzalez and Bobbi Morse approach Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons Gonzalez tries the nice approach and flattery in hopes of getting Fitz to try and open Nick Fury's toolbox but he's having none of it. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD[...]
The Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – One Door Closes
We pick it up as Hydra has already tried taking over and a small group including Bobbi Morse, Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie and Isabelle Hartley start fighting back Bobbi's mission is to blow the ship, something Gonzalez agrees with… but as SHIELD agents start taking back the upper decks, the group decide to forgo orders and[...]
Loyalty To SHIELD Doesn't Mean Much When There Are Two
We get how he and Bobbi Morse got by the stringent screening process… they are indeed loyal to SHIELD, just not Coulson's version. Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD airs Tuesdays a 9 PM on ABC [youtube][/youtube] It's SHIELD vs SHIELD this week for Phil Coulson and his crew and it looks like it starts out with him confronting[...]
First Look At Mockingbird In Her Tactical Suit
Last night's episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD introduced us to Mockingbird / Bobbi Morse played by Adrianne Palicki Now most comic fans know who the character is and which side she's on… so last night's reveal wasn't a surprise… And if you didn't watch last night and don't want spoilers, you shouldn't be reading this. Below[...]
Marvel To Make Announcement Tonight After SHIELD
Marvel has sent out an emailing telling folks about tonight's episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and the first appearance of Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) They also say to stay tuned for a special announcement. What that announcement is… could be a few different things My first guess would be announcing when Marvel's Agent[...]
Our First Look At Adrianne Palicki As Bobbi Morse
This clip from the next episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD shows us Adrianne Palicki in the role of Bobbi Morse (aka Mockingbird). "A Hen in the Wolf House" – Coulson's team is up against the beautiful and deadly Bobbi Morse–Security Chief for Hydra Meanwhile, Skye's father forces Raina to reunite him with his daughter at[...]